Feb 6, 2011


tengS to my dearest friends :


three of you had live my whole nite..
i'm not gonna forget this moment till my last breath my friends.even we gone to our separate ways start from tomorrow morning but if we're meant to be friend forever we'll meet again..and no matter what happen n what people going to say about all of you i'm not gonna make it as a reason to avoid you my friends..
our F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P cannot describe with just a words..
sweet memories will never last
overnight is such a thing that we never spend together unless this night..

L.O.V.E life !

bby dh bgl ke, dh mkn ke. ridu kt bby

b nak baik kat KL

lyrcs miss you

Where you can always find me
And we'll have halloween on Christmas
And in the night we'll wish this never ends
We'll wish this never ends

I miss you, miss you
I miss you, miss you

Where are you and I'm so sorry
I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight
I need somebody and always
This sick, strange darkness
Comes creeping on so haunting everytime

And as I stared I counted the webs from all the spiders
Catching things and eating their insides
Like indecision to call you and hear your voice of treason
Will you come home and stop this pain tonight?
Stop this pain tonight

Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head
(I miss you, miss you)
Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head
(I miss you, miss you)

Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head
(I miss you, miss you)
Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head
(I miss you, miss you)

Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head
(I miss you, miss you)
Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head
(I miss you, miss you)

(I miss you, miss you)
(I miss you, miss you)
(I miss you, miss you)

*tengs babe,gonna miss you !

Feb 4, 2011


this is the last day i meet this blog n all of my social network
after this i'm going back to the camp like in heaven..
wake up in the morning..
go to sleep late at the nite..

tomorrow will be the most busies day for me at home..
make a list of things to bring along so i'll be more comfort at that camp
hang-out with friend for the last day at my hometown
be with my sweet sugar SOULMATE all the time
be prepared for more challenging life
have to left my toasty(room's name)
my closy(closet's name)

*goodbye everything ! GONNA MISS ALL OF YOU

don't just said a word !

the story begin with letter H for H.E.L.L.O...

another wonderful day at home with new inspire and brilliant idea
since i'd choose this topic so let us talk about it with the rudest way ever

*dim the light please !

chapter 1

miss :kenapa ****** cafe x bukak nieh...
me :(apahal die nieh !)
nk beli pon nk bg tau org jgk ke
miss :duit sy banyak lg nieh macam mane...
me :just go on walking
miss :staring at me to make sure i heard what she said just now
me :(in my heart)HELLO ! people that have a lots of money never tell anyone unless people ask her *stupid
miss :(whispering with her frends)

~ the end ~

chapter 2

ninny :baju ori tengok kain larh !
me :*silent
ninny :kte kalau susah x leh tunjuk sangat kte nie susah..walau susah mne pon kte,dress up kte kne jaga sebab orang pandang kte melalui cara pemakaian kte
me :*continue silent
ninny :sy nie susah rumahk kecik je tp at least sy x de larh ketinggalan zaman pasal trend nie
me :(buat muka)
ninny :converse saya da penuh rak kasut kat rumah
me :seronoknya !(baru bersuara)*berlagak ulu
ninny :nk tahu ape lagi ?
cepat larh saya cerita..
another 3 girls :cerita lah.. sedap dengar awak cerita
me :lantak kau lah hehh !

~the end~

your word is all a lies
tanpa berkata ape-ape saya hanya mampu menerima dengan hati yang BLUR !
nk ceramah sikit...,
buat ape nk beria-ria tunjuk ape yg kononnya awk ade tp hakikatny tipu semata-mata
"buka hati,buka minda,perbaikilah jiwa"

ideal BF

the most perfect guy in the whole world !
his personolities,
his cute face,
everything about him are WONDERFUL...

i adore you fucker damn much..

Feb 3, 2011


this is the proof...
check it out !

seperti yg kelihatan disebelah beginilah kisah hidup sekelompok pelatih PLKN.. agak seronok ! huhh,ikot time lah ade mse PLKN nk kne maki ade mse nk dipuji tp ble nk balik tak sampai hati.. setelah menjalani barulah mengerti.. *ayat x sabit

happy really very belated "DEEPAVALI"

can only show a photo..
the story has been half-erase in my mind..


indian muslim at the middle..
actually this moment happen a long time ago before i sit for very important examination called SPM..

mengade nk post..
biar arh nieh blog persendirian tiada larangan.. !

there is it.......,

*from your left : hendrick,(who's that ?),toon

F is stand for.......

that's what i've been thinking for a long time..
my first thought when people asked me is F.R.I.E.N.D.
then,after what i'd been through is friends cannot be trust at all..
they all only be with us when problems are not together..

this is the truth...!

. . . .actually F is for

what is that noise..?


happy chinese new year..
can't hang out till nite due to the rain..
it has been raining all nite,the condition slowly become cold..
nothing to be done unless write a journal of a day..facebooking with a twins biscuit wafer named cloud 9 as a company..idea had flown away from this spongy brain up,up away to the sky..

cannot think briefly how to arrange a word to make it such a great sentences..


haa,let me tell you a story about the noise that i heard just now..

boom ! boom ! POW !
that noise is came from the sky and my first thought is...
is that a thunder..?
then i decided to take a look out off the window and i saw a beautiful and colourful light..it's look just like a wonderful flower that release a pollen grain to the air...*x sabit


it's been a long time that i haven't seen such that beautiful light since i'm gone to PLKN..that light named F.I.R.E.W.O.R.K.

so,take a look at the photo..

*yeah babeh,that's my photo !
nothing to be done then i do such this stupid work..snap my own photo..

Feb 2, 2011

just for laugh !

sumthing that called 'trends'

i want to be rich,
i want lots of money,
i don't about clever,
i dont care about funny...

*the fear by lily allen

people will tried really hard to be fame but for me fame is such a bored thing that only stupid people would like to chase it..! but who cares..?that's what we called life..Life is all about pretending..

different people with different look and also different outfit even wearing a same brands..

take a look at this one :

*latest dress up

tebuan hijau !

*sangat seronok kelihatan ceritanya..

*sangat menarik ceritanya..

birding fly away

scarf on head for 24 hours

that's what happen to me at PLKN..

woke up looking for blue scarf,
gone to bed looking for blue scarf..
there's nothing except 'blue scarf'..

nothing to story about the stupid thing that always stick at me all the time..quite annoying but tried really hard to ignored it..
one more thing that blue irritating stuff also following me all the way out at my camp..

outdoor entertainment

story of 3 inches

never expect to wear such this thing at the 'jungle'..
walking on the muddy soil and watery road..stupid hell..!
also wear only given outfits..
nothing that can be done just go with the flow..

no-more-list :

1. no more skin-tight jeans
2. no more sneakers
3. no more phone on weekdays
4. no more assesories
5. no more soical life

since this is an order from the goverment we can't disobey it..

A to Z

seperti yg dmaklumkan setelah bergelar wirawati mmg lah sangat huru-hara keadaannya...setelah menjalani kajian selama beberapa minggu keputusannya kini tergenggam di tangan..

banyak peralatan harian yang masih belum berpatutan kuantitinya untuk menampung minggu-minggu yang berikutnya..

here some list for that stuff :

1. foods that can be eat
2. beverages that can be drink
3. anything that think necessary !


tak penah-penah post segerombolan 3 sekaligus pada satu malam.maklumlah hampir 3 minggu tanpa dunia internet.

.......tengahnya begini,
selama mana yg dnyatakan selama itulah waktu pelatih PLKN bermusafir ke kem yg diisukan.semakin hari semakin menyakitkan hati berada dalam linkungan usia 18 tahun..tidak terlepas dengan pekikan BERATUR..


:: ...untuk ke dewan makan
:: ...untuk mengambil makanan
:: ...untuk menadah air minum
:: ...untuk ke tandas
:: ...untuk ke kelas
:: ...untuk gosok gigi
:: ...untuk meluahkan perasaan dalam kelas CB
:: ...untuk basuh pinggan

*sila campurkan istilah "beratur" di setiap penjuru sebelah kiri ayat

beginilah nasib yg terlalu baik bagi pelatih PLKN zaman IT tanpa beratur siapalah kami.

..kelas CB akan bermula pada jam 9.00 pagi 4hb jan..

pintu akan dibuka 10 minit sebelum kelas bermula.semua beratur !
ketua company,LAPOR !

*adakah anda setuju anda telah lewat masuk ke kelas....?
soalan yg sering kedengaran sekiranya pelatih gagal duduk sebelum muzik berakhir.
pelik,pelik !

maktu rehat anda telah bermula,pintu akan dibuka 10 minit sebelum waktu rehat anda bermula..!

kehidupan pelatih-pelaith PLKN tidak rengang dengan ungkapan beratur ibarat kata pa,alif,patah bagai isi ditelan kuku..

Feb 1, 2011

old new year !


memandangkan tahun baru telah menjejak masuk ke dunia kita raikanlah tanpa sekolah dalam kepala.sesudah subuh bangun pd 1hb jan untuk bersiap sedia menyusun atur kelengkapan diri dengan paksa rela ke PROGRAM LATIHAN KHIDMAT NEGARA anjuran nth sapa-sapa.(sorry tak ambik 'port' nk tau).tanpa berasa segan silu beg tarik bermodelkan POLO EQUIPMENT telah dimuat turun dengan 20 helai baju,7 helai seluar dan peralatan lain yg difikirkan penting untuk melanjutkan usia di kem terpilih.sesudah masuknya waktu azan zohor tibalah masanya untuk meninggalkan soal keduniaan dan tercetus larh idea untuk berwuduk dari hujung rambut sehingga hujung kaki.seterusnya kehidupan bakal wirawati telah diteruskan dengan persoalan yg berlari-lari dikepala mengenai apakah yg akan berlaku disana.
*time mengemas seronok sangat.

bagi menyenangkan hidup kita pendekkan perjalanan sebelum terbabas..

3hb januari 2011,
merupakan detik paling ngeri dalam hari-hari lain je..alarh,bukan apa tengok bas PLKN bersepah-sepah takut larh salah naik bas tak dapat nk menjalankan tugas yg telah dipaksa oleh pihak tertentu.berkumpul di KLCC tepat jam 10.35 pg untuk mendaftarkan diri sebagai wirawati bukan tujuan shopping.
KEM LATIHAN CHENEH CEMERLANG merupakan tempat penginapan selama kerahan tenaga dijalankan dengan anggaran masa hanya 70 hari.

disinilah bermulanya......

HELLO,IT world !

da agak lme shafirah rosli's blog terkontang-kanting..
last year mengigau nk post blog p terjaga rupanye berada di alam maya..
alang-alang da abis spm nieh better go on jew..

.....The fairytale begin,

actually,nk delete je account blog nk tubuhkan persaTUan badan-badan yg terkini tapi
memikirkan lebih dari batasan 'aurat' lebih baik meneruskaN ape yg dah dimulakan membazir amalan setan.setelah bermulanya tahun 2010 azam untuk mencerpenkan kisah mengisah kehidupan sehari-harian diimpikan oleh budak x berapa nk putih,nk tinggi n nk cantik ini hanyalah sekadar melepaskan geram terhadap pentadbir sekolah jew.memikirkan menggunakan kepala otak tanpa akal yg panjang memang x menjadi.so,jawapannya tinggal lah dunia IT yg kononnya zaman sekarang tanpa sempadan dan wilayah.menipu nombor 1 ! ade jew sempadan dan batasan dagi segi fizikal dan jasmani..hayatilah sekiranya akal anda tidak terbatas untuk menentukan masa hadapan ! *tak bersabitan

2010 :

januari :
mane nk ingat da lame berlalu nieh nyah ! masuk larh....

februari :
aktiviti harian seperti biasa..,
5.30 am :bangun
5.31 am :gosok gg,mandi
7.15 am :sekolah kata mari rumah kata jangan !
2.30 am :nasi drumah menanti

mac :
.......pembelajaran seperti biasa

april :
bermulanya PISSA bertempat di SMART yg menawarkan khusus jurusan sains tulen dengan kekuatan seramai 6 wakil dr 5 aktif dan 5 rajin

mei :
bulan malas semalaya.tak tahu pulak kalau sy je yg merasai sedemikian

jun :
sekolah bermula pada pukul 10.30 oleh itu anda dikehendaki meyeludup masuk dan jangan sampai tertangkap oleh chuki-chuki

julai :
buku mmg sahabat baik sebelum nie mmg x kenal erti sebuah buku bio

ogos :
bermulanya waktu belajar melebihi 24 jam sehari
kesuntukan masa !
dengan flaming left hand rule jadi left leg rule
seram panas !

september :
pembelajaran tertumpu..
tungkus lumus untuk menumbuk sambal tumis bagi menghasilkan formula last minute
udang,ketam,sotong diketepikankan buat sementara waktu

oktober :
lap akhir !
hati di perut,
otak di lutut,
kaki di kepala,
semua jadi xbetul..
pecutan telah bermula
masa sampai xcukup nk tarik nafas apatah lagi nk lepas..

november :
spm depan mata,
nk buat cam mana,
pakat redah aja,
dengan ilmu didada,
insyaallah pasti berjaya..

disember :
tunggu masa je !
detik 15 disember sangat bermakna
nafas yg dulu bisedut nth mne2 dah kembali dgn udara bersih
dapat berjalan dengan waras
ketawa dengan lawas
dan tersenyum tanpa kasut PALLAS
tiada lagi school life..!