Feb 25, 2012

stay up snack

70% +30%=100%
all this numbers indicate the major and minor things that we going to discuss for tonite event..
since i'm already home after more than 2 days i haven't been home so looks like i'm not going to keep my eyes close..i want to make sure that i'll left my house all together with my toasty with thousand memory because i'm not sure if i still have a chance to be like tonight for the next weekend.. i've heard that i've been chosen to join the NO_IDEA_WHAT_PROGRAM at Semuji Resort at 2nd March until 4th March 2012.. wasting time posting this blog early in the morning and in the same time spending time reading facts about Mr.Alkane and Mr Benzene but i'm not sure either Mr Alkene could be nice to me or not since he has been so busy managing his 'mechanism'.. so i give it a try to understand what is he going to tell me actually..

that what matriculation student memorizing all the facts..
1M1S1a was the first class among all the Modul I  student in science's course.. but it doesn't mean we lead all the thing.. no ! don't mistaken my word.. here i'm going to say that i'd proud to be in the first class with the very great people.. now i'm struggling to achieve a successful result for the future in PSPM II.. 4 FLAT is the only thing that appears in my wide space of mind for this second semester since i'd almost got that result for last final exam but what can i do cause there is only ALLAH ALMIGHTY.. now i'm going to show all of you the secret how to stand our eyes from being close before the perfect time for that.. everyone couldn't stand their eyes for long once it has set in our that our body need some rest.. prepared 5 bottle of vitagen,1 cup of calcium"s yogurt,salted roasted almond and an apple.. all this thing may make you stay up all night long..