Nov 16, 2013

mum's graduation day !

how come I forgot to write about this lovely and delightful moment..

Date : 5th October 2013
Venue : university malaysia pahang,UMP
Course : executive diploma in business administration

here come the picture on her big day !


B that should stand for B.U.S.Y !

it almost 12 midnight and the new day is about to start.. i woke up this morning realised that it is already November and actually in the middle of November.. i haven't wrote anything since last two months and my writing skill also quite bad,i guess.! it was like from summer to winter and since Malaysia not one of the country then forget about the snowman and thick blanket all cause we only in the monsoon season.. just don't forget to bring your umbrella dude..
Let's travel along with me..!
November is all about raining but you still can see the sun during the day for certain day just if you are lucky(just if you know what i mean.)
the night sky that used to fill with billion stars seems so dark as the cloud mask the beauty of it.. The moonlight seems dull as moon always depend on star to shine just like the shore depend on waves to complete the beauty of the beach. That's how monsoon diminished the mood of those who truly depends on nature but I didn't say the night sky without stars is kind of soul-destroying..
get back to our story of "Hectic-Month-Of-The-Year"..
in one year got twelve months and in one month got thirty-one days and in one day got twenty-four hours and thats how we count our life and the main question here do we appreciate every hour we spend daily ? not everyone get through such a trouble-free life because it depends on how we muddle along..
studying medicine is the best decision I've ever made and now I am facing the big challenge in my life which is surviving and adapting the environment where most of people here put their 100% efforts to be the best among the best.. I step on the pavement in the garden of roses where the milk fountain was just beyond a huge stone arch and all I need to do is keep on walking even though the snake's venom flow in my bloodstream,the roses torn penetrate my skin and even get stung by bees.
As we know not all the things going to be fine in the end but we can change the plot by changing the sentence.. That shows the power of action.! We need courage in order to make it happen..
Courage had brings me to this far,no one deserve the praise except Allah Almighty.. Remember no matter how hard we try if we never turn and ask from Allah there's no thing work.
To make the story become more amusing let's talk about how can I survive till now..
November 2013,
officially me Siti Nurul Shafirah binti Rosli was already in the third semester and second year in medicine.. Even there are 6 more years to get the license, I feel indebted.. Alhamdulillah.