Jul 20, 2013

quite fast for fasting

since this is my first entry for Ramadhan so i need to make thing sound simple..
i can't believe that i have to get through the fasting month away from home. Can't barely thinking how and why is it happening.. I mean yeaa i still 19 and yet need to live on my own or "independent" ways. 
I still couldn't adapt with the environment,with the people around but it doesn't mean i need to complaint for every single minute. 

maybe I really need to learn,learn on how to make things better and interesting instead of standing and staring..
I believe I can do this..!
I've got choices but then i chose to be here for reasons and why didn't I live in it ?

too many complaint..! 

i have to stop complaining ! I had read one fact said that "to compare those who complaint more tend not to have a high level of stress rather than those who didn't". and now i don't think its a fact,I think its a myth some sort of invalid studied. 

maybe i need to change,change the way i think,the way i act and the way i tried but it doesn't means that I'm going to change myself.. NO ! I just fine with me and i please myself first in everything before everyone does and before i please people. already second semester and got another 8 more semester to go. I need to be strong enough to walk on the street,to climb up the stairs because life need me to explore,it needs me to stand for it instead of giving up.