Nov 23, 2012

up another one

story of two days ago..
lets begin our new chapter with the old journey in my life.21st of november was my day.!
the day before,i was like doing some other kind of activity which i also have no idea what name should be given to the activity but all i know it is soooo fucking bored but i used to laugh at some part and consider it as fun,perhaps.. the sound of the cricket rubs it wings that could stunned everybody who hear it was the sign of a silent night.. at our house which located at the third floor of the block there're only three of us left and for sure no interesting things to do unless dealing with book and open up a gossip with my roommate that sometime we break the silent late night with our giggling and laughing..
yeahhh.. *take a breath*
at 12 mid night there's someone coming and knock our wooden door asking either if my other housemate was here cause got "something" to show her(hanis) and suddenly they singing out loud outside our house with a birthday song and both of us lisa and me were so surprise and we just remember that she used to tell us about it before.. and the day was moving so fast until the clock sharply pointed at 8 o'clock in the night..
where the other housemate brings all of us out for dinner to celebrate hanis's birthday.. 
the sound of the car's engine make our plan goes smoothly and we reached at the restaurant.. once we enter the restaurant its all had been set up  with the food on the table and all we have to do is just eat that.. so dramatically !

make a short movies !
they bring out the cakes and suddenly its also written my name on it.. and they know my birthday but celebrate it one day before.. awesomeeaahhh ! on my "day" some of my friends at this college celebrate my birthday and drive me out to stay up all night in the Penang area and here i would like to say a very BIGG THANK YOUUU to all of youu.. 

what ever it is right now i really have no idea what else should i write cause i feel so tired and still want to write something so this old story never be the history and is written in the future..   

ouhh ! one more thing.. i would like to give a credit to those who wish me in the social networking.. that was awesome you guys.. i just able to like your post,full heart 'like'..