Feb 24, 2012

miss one ! say bye !

this quality of guy that i've been waiting for.....,

1.always be there when i'm in trouble 
2.knows everything that cross in my mind
3.grab my hand and hold it for the whole day when i was tired of walking
4.asking whether i'm fine or not and said that "your not because i'm not there to look after you".
5.warm me with his sweater 
6.listen to me while i'm singing and ask me not to stop singing
7.hear me with his favourite song that somehow relate to me
8.knows my genre without asking me"what is your favourite song?"
9.drive me all night long while i sleep at the passenger seat
10.wipe out my tears and say "you deserve to smile for your entire life"
11.treat me my favourite foods without asking me "what would you like to order,my dear?"YUCKSS!
12.surprised me with sumthing everytime we meet
***13.say that "i missed you" even you have sent me home about 2 minutes ago
14.brings me to a very secret place and said that "this place is going to be ours" where no one know
15.let me drive his car because he trust me
16.text me every single second even he know i will only reply for all the text 2 days later
17.willing to be by my side all the time when i'm not feeling well
18.tied up my shoe laces without asking him to do so
19.look upon my eyes whenever we talk
20.never stop me to hang out with all of my boyfriend

this quality of guy is hard to find since one of this list is not completed by one guy it is considered failed.. its sound quite insane and doesn't make any sense but this is the fact.. the truth is i'm not waiting!not looking!not searching for any guy because this list cannot be complete by any guy out there.. back off!! single life is better no one can condemn me if i want to have a date with a different guy in the same day..!!