Jan 24, 2014

study week ?

hello people !
according to the title I mean the question above looks like I need to explain more. Its almost 12 midnight and we got another 7 minutes before we enter to the new day which is Friday. Actually,I already in holiday but not really a holiday because for me holiday is all about doing nothing unless hanging out enjoyed my venti size frappucino. Since,I've got 16 days left for my final so I need to sacrifice my social life and need to read books before its too late.

Listening to Love Somebody by Maroon 5 reminds me of something that I really don't want to remember and just if I could delete most of the unwanted memories but I can't and that's the fact I need to accept. I think I should not care about that,right ? because every single second I will make a new memory and yeaa I shouldn't care. Just need to enjoy every moment in my life..

okay get back to our topic.! I need to revise 6 modules and really need to manage my schedule properly so I won't waste a month later.
I'd planned to head back to Kuantan next Tuesday but am not sure because it wasn't me the one who bought the ticket so I didn't know the details.
Three days left and I'm totally out from here for a week only. LOL.
but who cares even for a day I am really grateful if I could escape from here.

ouh I forgot ! I wanna share something for today's entry but its about yesterday story. I'd watched the latest movie of Frankenstein ! and letsss SCREAMMMMM ! I gave three thumbs,9 stars and biggest smile I ever smiled.. I love the movie as I love the UNDERWORLD movie. Big clap to the producer,he is the same person anyway. Okay means it is a must watch movie for now peeps ! better go for 3D,the graphic was fantastic I tell yaa..

I like Dr.Wade character. She's hot and intelligent. ouh for medical student I really prefer you guys to watch this movie because there are scenes where the scientist mention some of medical terms.

okay done with today's entry and I supposed to read books now. goodnight people !

Jan 17, 2014

blessing Friday.

good afternoon everyone !
since today is a public holiday means I got no place to go instead of staying home.
Tomorrow start the weekend for this week and next week I got two End-Of-Module examinations in a week which on Monday and Wednesday.
what a crunchy week before I head back to Kuantan for Chinese New year break and together with study week. According to the latest updated timetable,right after the last day of CNY break we need to sit for final examination for about six days and that sounds soo creepy right ! Yes,it is !

means there are only 23 days left to study all the things like "everything" but for me the "everything" doesn't sounds so scary compared to our final examination for the whole pre-clinical years that they called as "Professional Examination".
This examination included all the lesson that we've learned for the whole two and a half years. Things getting tougher and tougher but all we can do is just work harder and harder. Lastly :
"Don't live in a town where there are no doctors"-Jewish Proverb

as the clock is ticking and so does the time is moving.
nothing worth more than appreciate the time because we cannot turn back time just if you got the time machine and just if Allah wills to bring you back to the past and fixed everything. Since 'just if" sounds like never gonna happened so we need to use time wisely people. 

I am here to remind most of you,just to those who read this that everything happen for a reason. We as Allah servants just believe that Allah never burden us with such a thing that we can't even bear. Live positively ! 

I guess its a quote for today's entry. 
Routines schedule :

11.44 am : I woke up from the bed and exhaled hardly as I had wasted my morning life. I should wake up at 8 but I didn't                                                 
12.30 pm : I cleaned up the mess and go on with my life. 
12.56 pm : took a shower
2.00 pm : oouhh ! world ! reality ! means I'm done with my shower
3.00 pm : started studying and getting bored
4.10 pm : doing pedicure and coloured my nail. Yeah sounds stupid and lifeless. That's how I live my life here as I got no car to treat myself a frapp now.
4.15 pm : checked my "bathroom" and post something about today 

*and this is the result

Jan 14, 2014

we're going to London ?

I am not sure either it is a rumour or a kinda good news for AUCMS medical degree student. After it was officially announced by the founder and president of AUCMS that he already paid some RM146 million for the 21ha property in the green lung of one of Europe's most cosmopolitan cities.

and they said we're going to be the first batch who get the chance to experience the environment by ourself,I think I'm about to jump right now actually. From the source that can be trusted,I've heard that we're going to survive for 6 months there,means for one semester. Those who under MARA scholarship will given extra allowence for the whole 6 months.  
"Zainuddin was enthusiastic about the project, saying that having a campus in London would allow Malaysian students to broaden their horizons by studying overseas."
(source : The Sun paper)

 that's all I know for now and will keep myself updated for more information in future as news not always be the same for all the time. 

12 Rabi-ul-awal Mubarak

"Prophet Muhammad is the best man in history".
Peace be upon him.
Congratulation to all Muslims on the holy day of Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi !
Prophet Muhammad had taught us(Muslims) so many good things.

last words from me :
"Muhammad is the way to paradise"

Jan 6, 2014

dont forget to add another one

6th January 2014 !
               6 days since the first day of new year eve. Even though I've spent my new year at home still got no time to post entry on how am I wasted my holiday at home. Guys its not really a holy-day for you to know because I need to sit for a test on Tuesday right after the break,it means I need to study like all the time and the truth is I didn't spent most of my time reading the books and get to know things that I didn't know. Too many distraction like most of other students when it comes to semester break they tend to eat a lot,watching the television and lay under the thick blanket on the comfort bed that surround by fluffy pillows.

              I started my semester break reading the lecture notes and a few sentences about integumentary system as I know I haven't sat for the End-Of-Module examination yet so I decided to read all the notes before it comes to second week of the break. Then, after I am tired sitting on the chair looking at the table just to make sure I could finish reading all the notes,I switch on my iPad and started to explore my facebook account. The first group page I opened was MD AUCMS 3rd batch '12 and scroll down if there are something new that I need to know andd suddenly one of my batchmate attached the updated schedule for January 6-10,2014.

                Kinda crunchy week haa ? got two exams in a week. Medical degree under AUCMS,all batches are arranged by our beloved Dr.Brenda. I've mention that I had struggled to finish with my integumentary system and out of nowhere the schedule uploaded MS was the nearest test after the break. can you see how fantastic it was.? okay as a doctor in making I need to be flexible and have to be more ready for sake of my future. Then I stared at my iPad screen with thousand thought running in my head. I stood up and got downstair for a glass of plain water as I believe plain water very helpful whenever I felt so thirsty then I sat on the leather couch just in front of 42 inch flat screen but yet I forgot to take the remote and since I already sat on the couch its very hard for me to get my ass up so I just layed on the couch and staring at the black screen pretend like I'm watching something. Around 3.30 am(I guess) I fall asleep.

               Suddenly, I was driving my car with naked top,I heard a voice "where are you going ?" and I opened up my eyes realised I was dreaming. Its already 7.30 am on the next day ! I thought my dad really gave me Aston Martin for my birthday but seems like only in my dream. Applause,applause ! When it comes to the next day I really think I need to reschedule my timetable and that's how I spend my first week at home during holiday. The day becomes hot and I think I need to take a shower now since I got no evening class for today. Ouh and I haven't perform my Zoho' prayer yet. Happy New Year everybodeyhh ! hope still not to late to wish all of you a great New Year,2014.