Nov 5, 2012

still young girl

yeah that's me !
i think 19 is still young.. we can make our own decision but we could stand with the decision without any advice or opinion from people around us who always stand for us.
its time to move on and think what is the best for our own self but dont forget the consequences cause no one want the bad end so expect the future wish for better.

no thought to have a lover yet so stop asking me why and just be with me without thinking about who am i with or what type of person that suit me cause i have such along journey to go and much more step to take.. for this while to be in love doesn't matter and not the current issue that we should think about. just follow what life bring us and bring life to what we suppose to be. even now you was at the bottom bounce back to be at the top and once you already at the top dont forget where you're belong cause it will never stay for long.. everything that we've owned now not fully belong to us.. at one mean time He will take it back so be thankful and cheers every moment in your life as humble person who always know how to walk on the land that doesn't belong to us.