May 6, 2011

people that we called with capital C

i'm as a staff at golden screen cinema east coast mall at concession department felt really damn it when i have to serve such a stupid damn SHIT customers..

hello !no one knows what you want okey so please think it twice before you make an order..

1.if you choose mineral please make a choice either cold or warm
*but please no hot mineral !
2.for other beverages say it early if you want it WITH-OUT ice
*i'm not GOD that can read your mind
3.when i repeat order please respect so i'm not the one who make a false rite here
*HELLO ! i have a pride GSC only have a T.W.I.S.T.I.E.S as a snack not read it carefully before you embarassed yourself ! HAHAHAHA poor you !
as a server we have to hold for this words....,
'CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RITE' even you are fucking damn wrong !

further S.T.U.D.Y

25 minutes left !
what would you do if you have only a few minutes to check out for your future..
if it happened to me i will make every second count !

yeah,that is what i'm talking about..UPU will announce the result of university.. which university that i deserve to enter to continue my studies.. hopefully that i get the foundation in life science..really hope ! next..??
please !
damn i have no fucking shit idea to write a bombastic story that can explode my screeny since i have left this blogging world such a long time.. about 3 weeks and more..
only ALLAH knows what i felt right now.. nervousness ! feel like my heart spinning in my chest..

drive_thru !

life is so unexpected..
i've been waiting for a long time to wait for this moment in my whole life..
H.A.P.P.E.N.I.N.G !
i drive early in the morning without thinking what the hell is goin to happen for the very next day...

what the hell am i talking about !
actually i just want to share something that already burst my whole brain out !
HYUNDAI GETZ ! the car that i drove almost every day early in the morning and that will be an history in my life.. don't have a license but already can drive a miles away from my backyards.. mum you should be proud of me cause i can drive a car.. at least i already have a basic in driving OKAY ! even i don't get enough sleep but i really like want to yell till my tongue out away from my mouth(rubbish !)

the thing that i like most is drive a car to beach and stay online at 24 hours fast food restaurant called McDonald..enjoy a breakfast weekday special and facebooking also story telling with my frend what the cool haa ? that's what we called 'NITE IS STILL YOUNG' just for teens..