Aug 30, 2011

pagi-pagi gosok gigi,duet raya mst mau BAGI !

*new fashion !

today is already 1st SYAWAL for this year according to hijrah's, today is a biggest festival for muslim in the whole world.. after we've been through a whole month for fasting now the time for us to celebrate our winning cause we able to stand our eyes,our stomach n also our mouth from swallow a lot quantities of food during the day until dusk..but that's not a purposes why i'm here in gossiping ! there's lots of story to share with all of u guys..

since today is the day of EID so i have to live this day till nite n i made it ! hambek kau raya sakan buku masih d tangan,mmg seronok larh kan,mne x tertekan,salah gaya kne saman,mak jah da x nk makan biar larh die tolong angkat pinggan *sabit !
okey enough of that.. nie nk habak mai ! pagi td bangun pnye larh awl tp mandi pulak lmbt da sebek sorang kat umah kne tinggal orang laen da pergi masjid menunaikan solat aidilfitri.. haissh! da larh setahun skali.. mandi pnye pasal da tertunda siaran.. kan bagus dunia nie terbalik human being x perlu mandi since smue akan automatik wangi.. ade ke ? RIDICULOUS

nk citer pasal raye alik2 penuh dgn cerita air nk mandi larh itu larh ini larh ! berojak nasi skali.. haahh ! raya tahun nieh meriah than last year sbb most of our family members balik kampung jd ramai larh.. ble orang da rmai makanan pon mle larh seronok menari2 dlm periuk belanga bnyk larh jdnye.. dengan satay bertalam-talam,dengan nasi dagang berguni-guni,dengan nasi impit da mcm sardin berhimpit-himpit,dengan rendang yg puas berendam dlm sambal tumis,dengan ketupat berketul-ketul,dengan lemang yg lemas dalam buluh.. huhh ! berpeluh-peluh tgk makanan saja belum lagi makan..
nak cerita pasal makanan sampai ble x habis..

*this is my youngest cousin

come join me touring to the whole village in collecting for money ! after we finished almost half foods at my grandparents house we move on to the next house to visiting each other since this festival is jus once a year..

this year EID storied many kind of behaviour of human being in our family that makes it more colourful.. i don't have enough energy to type all the activity that have been through during the morning of EID.. so i juz leave it to photo to tell u everything.. enjoyed !

*he is my cousin not my boyfrend
*my family
*juadah beraya sakan
*rendang daging
*meet darwish.. he such a shy n cute little boy

one day before big FESTIVAL

yesterday evening our family went back to our hometown at kemaman.. *so skema,heehh ! nek jah nie bkn nk buat karangan..

4.45pm : arrive at our perfect place called village..with a wood-made-wall that protect the house from being attack by the "chaos" monkey that can appear from anywhere.. tkot gle !
5.00pm : helping the other family members in preparing the meals for tomorrow fest
5.30pm : nothing to do ! so boring
7.18pm : break fasting together with lot of foods surround us..
8.00pm : playing around together with all of my cousin.. wow ! so happening with the light of firework with a noise of firecraker.. geboom,gebang !
11.30pm : ready to grill the things that begin with capital S for satay..

* huru-hara

since we arrived quite late so there is no interesting things that we can do so gudbye until we meet again tomorrow for the very happening day.. there are lots of it to story about..