May 8, 2013


"an apple a day could keep the doctors away !"
too many doctors in making but it depends on us either we want it better way or otherwise.
we choose our path and we make the difference,that's a reason why we need to learn how to survive without totally depends on surrounding,make environment easy to adapt instead.

as a medical student we need to learn more,more and more or in short infinity knowledge. In every new things that we've learn we'll know other new things and another lesson.
actually it is same goes to other courses,depends on how people describe their mind to learn those things. Since,I've enter the medical school it was something different with others where we sacrificed most of our time to spent on study and research. "good doctors-in-making are those who knows most of their books"
this quotes refers to those who always open any books for reference thus they will gain lots of information and new knowledge compared to those who usually depends on Mr.Google. For me Mr.Google not always right it just some kind of "thing" that easy to connect,that's all.

In brief,medical students do need books to live or else you might diagnose patient with wrong diseases,that is the most terrible part as a doctor in future, *just saying

 we doctors in making are fight every single second in our life for saving as many life as we could in the future. Pray for us !