Aug 26, 2011

bright SUNSHINE !

well ! well ! well !
my life had twist upside down..
from a cool n relaxing gurl,alone n nothing person INTO a very serious n buzy gurl 'and' coupling n love sumone called guy...
means i have lot of commitment in this new lifestyle..still find a very perfect space to keep breathing so i can adapt n make myself comfort in this priceless life...
okey the thing that i would like to share with my bloggy for this chosen title is all about my upside down life..
i was close to my future so i can't let it go juz like that.. cannot ! i know i can do it.. for only 1 year i can go wif my matriculation's program..since rite now is my holiday for eid festival so i have time to study on my own but i need to be smart in planning to manage a time..
i have lots of work to do n many thing to think n figure for the solution out.. physics,chemistry,biology n also mathematics the subjects that need more concentration n serious thought on during the packing day homed i bring along all of my books that think may help me while i'm studying at home.. seem that i'm not really take a look at my books since i have busy with my social life.. this is the thing that worried me most.. still can't figure it out how to manage my time perfectly.. but i know i can do it..i have to raise up my graph of life ! let me take a nap for a while so i may dreamed for the solution.. *bajek mimpi okey that's all for this topic