Apr 4, 2011

i can't hear you !

excuse me i can't hear your voice..
i'm busy with my life at the backstage of golden screen cinema..sorry blogy i don't have much time to think about you or to wipe the dust on your screeny every single second like before..right now i have to think about how to earn an extra money to buy everything that i wish..

GSC combo 3 !

i have no idea how can i involve in that golden screen life..btw,it's great !
i lurve the employer.. nothing to discuss about that work as usuall all work are tired same as my work now..*popcorn n movie what a great haa..?
for sure ! i'm the one who should serve you all that STUPID.. sokay since that's already be my job so i'll do it with all of heart..trust me ! making a popcorn once a week serve an idiot customer every minutes and i got a popcorn as a reward everyday..