Dec 24, 2011

monsoon season*unrelated title

rain,rain,rain !!!
since i'm already home so many things that i can do to spend up my time but still stick to one thing that i couldn't escape from as long as my status is STUDENT..
there are lot of them, stack of books and papers that need my mind to figure for the answer at the blank pages..
since now is still early so let me finished up my time with all this social networking before i start my day with an assignment and then hang out with my dearest friends..


1.chemistry past year question chapter 1~2
2.english promotion board
3.mathematics worksheet-there are 12 pages all together
4.biology lab report
5.discussion for chemistry lab report


today is already 24th december 2011 and tomorrow most people who think it is necessary for them to celebrate will spend their time for preparing a food and other things for their CHRISTMAS celebration..
i'm not part of them and will never be coz i only celebrate for an islamic eve.. enough on that.. thought i could spend lots of time with my old dearest friends together since this is a holiday but everybody busy with their own planning.. whatsoever.. now i'm in dilemma either i should go along with them to KL or not bcoz their planning is for 2 days but i have lots of assignment should be submit by next week.. hurmm,i think i should sacrifice my holiday juz for my assignment.. okey,my brain is half boiled  thinking of all this matter even its sound simple.

last STEP !

olaa,MAMITA !
there're lots of thing i would like to story about..
first thing first let me introduce the new me :
1.running single all the time
2.almost graduate from matriculation
that's all for the new person name SHAFIRAROSLI in her new world with a new environment..
the reason why i could breath with a very in deep is juz because i feel so free with my life now,no one that i should thought for,nobody that i should care is all ABOUT ME.. since i already started with my new life so i've RENEW,REBUILD,REDUCE and REBORN from being so complicated to a great GIRL alive.. nothing could bring me back down,nobody could steal sumthing from me and no one could get into me unless i really believe that i was born to be theirs.. GOT ME ??
good to know that i'm able to be sumone new,means change for the better..sumtimes life need us to change,change some part that shouldn't be half of us..

now everything have turn upside down for me..,
started from the first day i'd meet one guy,in my thought he could be mine forever.,this happened about 5 month ago,a teenager that didn't know what should she do to fill up her leisure time before entering to some place for further study and finally she've got her final decision that is to find for a PART-TIME JOB.its already written that there is one vacancy for her at a place where people love to waste their time when they feel bored sitting at home called a CINEMA.. *golden screen cinema was the second place were she find herself that taught her much about being more independent..never cross in her mind she might find a guy that she thought could be her "superman" and save her all the time..
shuhhh~*wind got the answer !
her heart was always tried to kill her.. her thought was always wrong.. every time she never got the luck !
perfect guy will never ever exist in her life, a true love story will never wrote for her in her whole life..  yeahh,and that unlucky girl's name SHAFIRAH ROSLI..
for this living girl nothing would take her down..
she always been rising even from a lower place bcoz
words to motivate herself whenever she feel so down..!
that's what we called as LAST STEP in our life,LIFE STEP for the bad thing,LAST STEP for a false love and also LAST STEP for a bad memories bcoz i will never take another step for all this kind of PATHETIC matter in my life once again,never ever..