Jul 16, 2012

something to get off my mind !

now i feel like i must find for another way out..!
but until now i don't even get any idea how..
everyone said that i must accept it and just give it try
HELLO ! that is soo not a try let me tell you it is such a waste !
i do not want to waste 3 years just to attend the class and lecture that i don't even want to..
mine is all about being at the hospital either work as a doctor or maybe a pharmacist..

i never doubt the thing that is given to me..
i accept it as sustenance but what is the used if after all this year i haven't get enough sleep just want to get a better result and i'd got it but the course that i ever wanted i don't even get it.. was it fair ?

that is soo unfair !
right now i can't think briefly !
here the result from UPU fucking shit system for student intake !