Nov 23, 2013

She's amazing !

Hello Saturday !
My beautiful sister on her graduation day.. OMG ! OMG ! OMG !
She made it and I am very proud of her.. She's wine up with her "diploma" under University Teknologi Mara (UiTM) in food technology.. First of all,congratulation along and I am really sorry I cannot be there to share the golden moment with you.. I suppose to be there as I promised but I got test on that day,seriously I was thinking about you on that day because I felt the moment during mum's convocation.. It would be great if all of our family members were there during our big day,I mean your big day for now..
You know why I was so proud to have you..,
1) you're beautiful and that's what I see in you even though you always said that 'God I need something to whiten my skin','God this outfit was terrible'..! God you don't need those my dear sister because you are pretty from the inside and that's make you look much more prettier outside.
2) crazy mind and thought,hey from where you got those ! Lol.. No over thinking and just flew with the wind that makes me feel comfortable when I was around you. I could laugh without limit,I could turn upside down and I feel more alive..
3) bad driving skill,yes ! You are bad in driving ! You know that right because when you drive me I always said heyy,heyy watch that car. Holy shit,you almost hit the BMW (kidding!) but at least you are good in parking,that's matter..
4) going to bed early. Ohmyy ! You got no night life or what ?! You got the same habit with mum.. When it comes to 9 o'clock at night you always yawning and fall asleep unless your boyfriend was around just then you can stay up for the whole night as usual haaa..

These are the reason why I love you to the moon and back.. Wait I don't think to the moon is far enough okay I changed that.. I love you to Pluto and back and Pluto and back.. Can you count the distance now ? I love you that much Siti nurdhiyya binti Rosli !