Nov 15, 2011

thank you

first of all,
i would like to wish a very big thank you for your extreme love..
i'm glad that u do love me that much before.. i appreciate all the things that you've done to me..
all your cares, all your love, all your times and all your patient..
i'm the most luckiest girl ever born cause you saw me as the person you can believe in before you know me for the real one.. i admit i always waste all the things that you gave to me,without you know i'd kept all of that deep down side because my heart,my life and my thought all have been filled by you..
but now you want me to go and you're gone for the real one.. you've hurt too much until you cannot bear to stand that pain anymore.. everything that i do,everything that i say you will never want to listen,never want to give me a chance to explain because for you it is all DECEPTION.. i can do nothing even if i love you so but you,you really hate me there's nothing can make you come back.. i've cried,cried and cried until i realise there are no more tears to go then it is stop crying but my heart is broken all the scars were opened.. i waiting for your call,waiting for your text.. after 3 hours i remember back your words "i'll block your number shafi"..
i've to face the truth even it is hard for me.. huhh~ things that happened couldn't be turned back.. "if there is a chain on your door,i understand".. it will happened if you willing to forgive me for this time because i will waiting for you until my last breath.. this is what i promise you so even i go on with my life but still i keep this promise and never ever let it go.. I PROMISE TO MYSELF I'LL KEEP IT ! i didn't promise to anyone just to myself that i will waiting for him.. thank you cause your love is still burning inside me..

i do miss my school

after been a year i haven't go to school,didn't get into the white and blue clothes,surround with small little kids and so on that relate with school's environment..
YES,I DO MISS MY SCHOOL ! from the first day in my life i enter to a teens world PANGLIMA PERANG is my first and the last school i've ever been..
so many things i've learned throughout that 5 years from form 1 until form 5..

*so many things i've done

and now i feel like i want to go to school back to feel that experience back once again but i do grown up.i will never ever felt the same if i go back on time. now i have to face the future,the more mature life,more complicated things and more challenge to get through.. I BELIEVE IN MYSELF ! as long as i still can breath i will never ever give up and never ever let the person i love down.. that's my PROMISE.. i will keep it until i die..

dear santa !

2 days left for me to spend my holiday at home..
its seem like no time for hang out so decided to spend most of my time at home and get pack all of my stuff that i should bring to my second house..
love is just for a while and for me a true love already died bcoz it is never ever exist..
i'm glad i didn't gave my whole heart for him to play with,for him to broke it and for him to bleed it..!
*i knew i screwed it up, but i will love you one can get into my heart unless you
everything is just a lied.. you will never walk away from my life if you truely love me,you will never ever mad at me even for once if i do something wrong..
okey enough on that !
really thankful to ALLAH cause ALLAH gave me a strength to move forward and never look behind.. think positive is always work.. for my "upcoming birthday" here some wish list from a little girl to change this big world.. : 4-flat in every examination that i've sat feeling toward guys nor a girls
3.could hang out all the time with my dearest friends:
arab,alia,dyana,atiqah,hasan,alif,farsha & farah
4.have a part-time job to fill up my long holiday after matric
*5.could proceed to second semester
6.never care about single and never think "y there's no guy for me"NEVER" in my own world laughing,singing,dancing and reading *FUN
8.appreciate every second in our life
9.want to help anyone who in trouble =)

a birthday girl's soon to be on 21st.NOVEMBER.2011 hope my wish will come true.. i've make a researches about my wishlist and i really sure that it's a great things for me to make a change.. CHANGE FOR A BETTER,just for me.. GO LIL'DOC. !! *you have a potential ; this is what my teacher said to me and i know i have it.. I DO HAVE A POTENTIAL TO SUCCEES..