Jul 24, 2011

S.T.U.D.E.N.T once again..

it's aren't that bad to be called as a STUDENT once again...
living with 4 others roommate for the first time in my whole life.. spend time together,shared idea together n laughing like crazy for the whole day when we meet at the room.. it's very exciting moment and experience ever that i never forget..
as usuall to be a student that have to carry 4 subjects not including M.U.E.T such a buzy life.. with a packed schedule and time have filled with all the assignment n LAB REPORT.. NEVER MINE ! as long as i can survive ALLAH WILL help me in any situation...

let me shared some of the idea :
*not really idea !
1.lecture straight for 2 hours
2.lab report that have to submit the next day after the experiment..DAMN
3.assignment that take a lot of my foolscap papers
4.never have time to eat much only once a day

that's all..