Oct 20, 2012

first attempt !

story of last weekend..,
woke up at 11 am and my other housemate suggest to make the home-made spaghetti and they all brought the ingredient and we start with our plan. With no experience in cooking,with no knowledge about the method of making the spaghetti we just run with it ignoring what would be the result. Rice cooker was our pan and the plate was our chopping board.
tong,tang,tong,tang !
its already 2 pm and the spaghetti are save cook by all of us..
here's the lunch menu during weekend for 8 of us.. 

hoping for the perfect end

fuuhh..! *tiup habuk*
hello universe ! yeahh i'm still breathing and still know how to use the keyboard and surely still remember my blog's password. once i've step in here and write the entry title i couldn't turn back means i'm going to crap as many as i could.but its not really crapping-krebby-patty its more to tell most of journal for my whole journey here at Penang.it has been a month i'm staying here without worried,without married and without merit. haa? let's make great use of time !
The journey begin....,
with my first step to this kind of not really well-known university college at Kepala Batas,Penang named Allianze University College of Medical Science i know that i cannot have another step to go back home every weekend cause it took 9 hours from here machaa.or if i really need to go back home i might left my butt in the bus and surely i dont  want it to happen so yeahh i'm goin to spend my weekend being here without any thought to be at home.is it means that i'm homeless ? that's the other part of journey i expect it to be perfect but it start with the worse part and need to wait for another 5 more years to see how does it end. living cabin ! nope ! we all their student given a key to enter to our home where we get in whenever we lost,dont know where else to go,got no interesting place to hang out.
Teacher's Quaters !
this is the place where i live now and another 5 years.the place kind of spooky.the time i enter to this kind of place its like entering the caunseling room during my high school where the teacher ask me "why did you bring your phone to school?". -.- since i have no right to choose where i want to live so i have to accept it with open mind even i already closed my mind to accept it.three rooms with two bathroom and got balcony,kitchen with no kitchen's cabinet due to the termites and large enough living room for 6 person.
no matter how hard i complain i already in so i dont have to think much about it and do my job as a student here.study the medicine and being called as medical student makes me be more confident to say that i dont have much time to talk to you cause if i'm in the other course people might doubt me when i said "sorry i am busy right now".. ahahaha *gila* hehh,kisah pulak ! going through this first month perfectly even sometime the house make a fool with all of their visitors here.the electricity was very poor for you to know ! when i'm doing my work the lamp turn off and when i sleep the fan turn off. i also didn't get the point here. most of time i feel like doctors should learn how to handle the technician work since we all need to deal with the fuse box everytime there is no stable electric connection. so its normal if many doctors know how to fix any cable by itself without depends on technician. =.=' panas betol !
finish with living cabin and balcony all..!
now move to our assignment.medical student were asked to watch movies related to our course which the story are all about the hospital life and the part that i'm in between where i dont even know either i should smile or laugh which been asked to write a reflective essay for that movies.now its totally confusing me. is the doctors have to write such a long essay when they done diagnosis their patient.? or they want every of the doctors to write their own books once they got their license.. ouh or they want us to involve in politic life.. no,no,no.! its not gonna happen. not in a million years.(not complain !) just wondering.. life full of thought i guess so i have my right to think that way. :D

the awesome part being medical student was their books.. look here there're our books that we need to deal with for this first year only and buy another for second year and another for third year and another for fourth year and more on the fifth year,finally my book's rack become library.awesome haa.. =.=" but thats what we called sacrifices.. we may through such a tough life during study but we will enjoy doing our work in the end. treat people who in need,make people realise how important to keep healthy and make the coffee be our bestfriend(not healthy).

we live with books,we talk about books and we sleep with books.without realising that we already done that.! srapp *selak buku* means this entry had come to it end.thank you everyone for watching this movie.. have a good day ! *big smile*