Nov 25, 2013

Chaos for a week !

I can't even catch for my breath.. The whole week had consumed my energy and let's start with Monday 18th.november.2013.. Class start at 8 o'clock in the morning which the day before I was hoping Monday to suicide so that I can start the week on Tuesday but still the first day in week.. The point here is no matter how hard we've tried to push Monday away nothing gonna change the nature that it should came first in each week(just if you know what I meant!).. Monday's evening was the most scariest part,problem based learning(PBL) session that had been facilitated by Dr.Pramanik,well-known doctor who got lots and lots of questions to ask and doubted each sentence that you presented.. No matter how interesting your notes are,no matter how much colour you've wasted to print out the notes he really doesn't care if you didn't know how to explain..
Since we already in third semester he expect us to know and memorized all the basics for each topics.. Sounds crazy haa.. Yes ! It is ! When it comes to Tuesday mini test is waiting and all I need to do is sat on the grey color chair and answer all the questions as usual even though you don't know the correct answer as long as you've filled the blank pages it considered as correct. Then practical session for two hours learned on how to calculate the percentage of people who are smoke but not developing a lung cancer and the difference with those who didn't smoke and developed a lung cancer.. O.o
Third days of the week..,
New PBL session early in the morning with new unfamiliar lecturer from Insaniah College that exposed us with the new ways to discuss the learning issues which I found it fun,quite fun where we does not need to prepare any slides to present or even notes to print.. All we need to do is read all the learning issues and discuss it during the next PBL session(second session ! )..
Thursday came next after Wednesday and I haven't fully prepared for my poster presentation and plus it was my birthday 21.november.2013.. Yeahh,surprise party on my birthday I was over thinking about that as I don't really like the tradition of getting shower with eggs,flour,curry powder or whatever.. L.O.L. Ohmyy ! I supposed to tell it in the next entry..
Get back to our hectic week..
Then here comes Friday !
The International Stem Cell Seminar 2013 !
As one of the committee on that day I proudly said I was looking so good.! Wow ! Wearing a formal outfit with blazer and a tag written as organiser.. Unfortunately,I have to be a poster presenter for my group which is not good at all because I need to control the seminar and practicing on how to present for my topic both in one time.. Got too many things to share but short time to describe the moment.. Photos tell us much about the moments than words did..