May 23, 2012

thump ! thump ! thump !

okey what noise is that ?
wondering where does it came from..?
its from the inside of my chest and what makes it produces that such a loud one..?
let me tell you..
6 more days to go for me to know how much effort that i had spend for the whole second semester..
but after everything that i had done after everything that i had sacrificed ,now i can able to leave it to ALLAH and pray because only ALLAH ALMIGHTY..
insyaallah ALLAH will always be there..
there's a boy who come between my way and tell me that he loves me !

we work at the same place but different department..
he wants to look after me for all the time and say that he never want to let go of me..
and he kinda cute hard to deny.. FULLSTOP !