Nov 10, 2011

F.O.R.G.O.T !

most people understand and knowthe feeling of being played.
being played by a boy you would do anything for.
a boy that you love.
and that you love a lot.
a boy that makes you smile just by texting you "HEY".
a boy that makes you think that you had something.
a boy that constantly made you laugh and smile.
a boy that stopped texting you one day.
a boy that started ignoring you,
acting like he didn't know you.
and acting like never had something.
"i wish i could that boy up"
but,i realise i can't give that boy up

maybe i don't play hard to get,
bcause i know he won't chase after me.
maybe i "forget things'" at my locker,
and walk by ten more times,
just soit's mandatory to say HI.
maybe i laugh extra hard,
smile extra big,
and talk extra loud,
just so he notices.
doing the exact same, or 
"maybe that's just me"

easy for you but not for me..

ALLAH give both of us a chance to fall in love..
ALLAH give both of us an opportunity to know each other very well..
ALLAH give both of us enough time to spend together..
ALLAH give both of us feel everything that u haven't wish upon..
ALLAH also have wrote that u are not mine forever
this is our end.the pain that i gain,the tears that i'd dropped the happiness that i've felt shows how powerful one love is. bfore this i haven't felt such this strong feeling until make me feel like i'm dying in living my life. but i cannot turn back once i already in it before this i do promise i will never ever would into this kind of feeling but it is suddenly happened. lots of thing we've been through and lots of thing we've been wasted and yet we end with nothing and will had nothing at very last. I do love you with all of my heart since u enter into my life and win my heart i already gave you my life and without you by my side make me completely dead.! i've promise i will make you happy everyday but i failed to be such a great lover to you. i've tried,tried and tried because the moment you walk away from me at first i thought that is the end for us but you still can forgive for all of my mistakes and accept me back i make a promised that i will never ever waste anything that you gave me before but actually you didn't gave me a chance to make things rite you only allow me to be with you and never leave you.
I don't understand at all what is goin on with me.?!!! you already showed that you love me with your whole heart but i still fail in my try. my try to make things goes rite.. i don't know which part did i missed.. but now nothing could ever change you and come back to me cause it is hard for me to forget and let you go but for you.. it is easy for you that is why i'm really proud of you cause you such a strong man. i do agree that i will go away from your life forever but my heart didn't. it will stay a want you to come back even i know i will waiting for a star to appear during the day but nothing could change it,i will waiting and never ever go in fact my mouth said that i let you go but my heart said 'NO' you are still mind.. see,love have make me out of mind and cross the things that haven't thought bfore.. this show how strong your love is.

transformation !

new life with a fresher air to breath even my chest is still in pain cause about just now my heart is already burst until it is already broke my rib cage so it is too pain to breath the air in but nevermind we have to move our live we cannot let them die bcause every second in our life is priceless,positive side okey means it is worth it to capture every moment. enough on that ! right now no more fucking damn sad thing should be think only a best one so i could start my new own life with a great one. YEAH BABEYH ! be strong no matter how weak u are but if u stay strong the strength will come in many ways.

transformation begin,from...
...the girl in love into a girl with no love
...a special girl for someone into a nothing for everyone with tears every single second into laughing in every single action
...a moody person to a very cheerish girl
...having a bad dreams into a no dreams ever during my sleep
...always build a castle in the air into build a strength with a help of an air
...complicated girl into a simple i've ever be

it is hard to make a change in our life for sumthing better but i'm the one who goin to make my first impression works a million star. make a change is try to adapting a new thing in our living and our lifestyle but once the changes work it will worth it.
p/s:bkn senang shafi nk lpekan **** tp shafi akan cuba sehabis baik sbb shafi ta nk seksa diri shafi sendiri cause me deserve better even without other love,unless you.. it is easy for you to get rid of me from your heart and mind once you have another person better than me,but i don't care as long as you got a happiness that i've failed to give. go ahead take a very good care of her..