May 14, 2012

a gift for "A GIFT" !

since today was already 14th.may.2012,then i had miss the biggest day for my beloved mum which is 'MOTHER'S DAY'..
everyone know yesterday was the day and every members of GSC know that yesterday also the day they got a pay for their job but for me and maybe a few more still didn't take for a cash..
planning to buy sumthing for my mum but since there is no enough money in my pocket i had to cancel all of it but today's evening i'll fulfill all the thing,set it up in the huge box and a hand-made card(in progress) on top of it and her fav chocolate.. can't wait to see the perfect ending of it.. i'm goin' to make the greatest mother's day ever in her whole life for this while..actually i'm planning to baked for a heart shape chocolate chip's cookies but    the time didn't gave me a favour to do it..

here some ideas :
1.explore for a cute handbag
2.looking for a perfect shoes
3.wrap it with a beautiful wrapping paper
4.chocolate from FAMOUS AMOS(delivery to her office)*great !

just FYI....