Jul 4, 2015

the feelings

"Beautiful Disaster". Yeap these are suitable words that perfectly describe kind of disaster each and every one of us when they thought they have tried their very hard handling it but the fact is they were not. It's not that easy when it comes to feelings. Feeling is something that you,your own self couldn't even describe what was it and why was it existed when you didn't need it. That is why Allah reminds us to be careful with your heart. Play safe when it comes to feelings.! Never easily trust someone to hold your heart because even your heart is not owned by you and Allah is the true holder of your heart, thus believe in Him to keep your heart from being broken by a person. 

Living in this world full with something that have one head,two hands,two legs and being called human is way to complicated. Do you wanna know why ? because human have heart and brain that control them in the same time just different ways. Sometimes your brain tells you to go to the beach but your heart wants you to be alone at home reading love stories while enjoy a cup of tea. We might have two same things but it is not necessarily same in the way we think and feel. Philosopher one said "If you feels something about a person do not hesitate to tell him/her how does you feel about him/her". WAIT A MINUTE ! Invalid statement ! What I've learned through out my whole life is do not take signs given from others for granted. Some people do not know how to tell others what things that cross in their mind they will show you instead.

Dude ! Could you please don't easily judge or jump to conclusion immediately..? Just don't..! It is so not cool man.! The first thing is that you completely have no idea what had one gone thru in his/her life before you met that person. That person's heart might have been cheated on,played and broken. She already gave him everything but she got nothing in return. She have been patient to stay in relationship until she cried herself to sleep every night just to gain a strength in the next morning. She think about him all the time in hope he would do the same. She talked to God about him in her prayer everyday every night. In the end he simply said "I don't think its going to work between us". He simply walked away without even looked at her eyes. She tried to hold back her tears just to show how strong she is when actually the pain is killing her from inside and she falls apart at that time. 

Then,a month gone. She moved on but still at the back of her mind the memories are still there,sometimes she cries for no reason. She believes that no matter what nothing could change things that is already happened. Only she's able to change her life by let everything go. She trust nobody unless her own self. She believes that she will come across many good looking guys and guys who willing to drop everything for her. She continued her life differently. She appreciated her time being alone walk by the beach and have a cup of green tea all by herself. She now realised no matter how hard you want that person to stay in your life if they've decided to leave they will. We cannot force anyone to stay. 

You never know how's her life before. She might share a bit of her love life with you and you only know a few not all. There are some parts she can't tell because she doesn't want to remember every single thing. Never assumed..! Your life is completely different from others. There's must be a reason why she is so insecure and always pushed people around her. She have lost her trust towards people and she needs time because only time could heal every broken heart.