Feb 4, 2011


this is the last day i meet this blog n all of my social network
after this i'm going back to the camp like in heaven..
wake up in the morning..
go to sleep late at the nite..

tomorrow will be the most busies day for me at home..
make a list of things to bring along so i'll be more comfort at that camp
hang-out with friend for the last day at my hometown
be with my sweet sugar SOULMATE all the time
be prepared for more challenging life
have to left my toasty(room's name)
my closy(closet's name)

*goodbye everything ! GONNA MISS ALL OF YOU

don't just said a word !

the story begin with letter H for H.E.L.L.O...

another wonderful day at home with new inspire and brilliant idea
since i'd choose this topic so let us talk about it with the rudest way ever

*dim the light please !

chapter 1

miss :kenapa ****** cafe x bukak nieh...
me :(apahal die nieh !)
nk beli pon nk bg tau org jgk ke
miss :duit sy banyak lg nieh macam mane...
me :just go on walking
miss :staring at me to make sure i heard what she said just now
me :(in my heart)HELLO ! people that have a lots of money never tell anyone unless people ask her *stupid
miss :(whispering with her frends)

~ the end ~

chapter 2

ninny :baju ori tengok kain larh !
me :*silent
ninny :kte kalau susah x leh tunjuk sangat kte nie susah..walau susah mne pon kte,dress up kte kne jaga sebab orang pandang kte melalui cara pemakaian kte
me :*continue silent
ninny :sy nie susah rumahk kecik je tp at least sy x de larh ketinggalan zaman pasal trend nie
me :(buat muka)
ninny :converse saya da penuh rak kasut kat rumah
me :seronoknya !(baru bersuara)*berlagak ulu
ninny :nk tahu ape lagi ?
cepat larh saya cerita..
another 3 girls :cerita lah.. sedap dengar awak cerita
me :lantak kau lah hehh !

~the end~

your word is all a lies
tanpa berkata ape-ape saya hanya mampu menerima dengan hati yang BLUR !
nk ceramah sikit...,
buat ape nk beria-ria tunjuk ape yg kononnya awk ade tp hakikatny tipu semata-mata
"buka hati,buka minda,perbaikilah jiwa"

ideal BF

the most perfect guy in the whole world !
his personolities,
his cute face,
everything about him are WONDERFUL...

i adore you fucker damn much..