Feb 20, 2014

exam week

yeayy !
Holiday had come and now I am free for just a month. =.="
but for me even a day given for holiday,away from books enough to makes me realise how fantastic life is.
I already in third semester of second years and I just finished with my third semester two days ago after I sat for final examination in duration of a week.
I got no time for other things during study week even though there's no class or tuition. I was overwhelmed with exam things.

10th.February.2014 was the first day for final exam. A day before,nope actually a night before the exam I was so cool. I mean I still can control my nervous hormone but it cannot stand for too long. Monday morning which is the first day of exam I realised my sympathetic system started to bloat and adrenaline started to hike above the normal level,my heart was racing. PPD was a first paper and thanks God the questions wasn't destroy my brain cell,yet. Note that people "yet".

11th.February,2014. Second day of final. Night before I and my other study members struggle together started from 9 pm until 3 am for epidemiology module and its worth it as most of the questions we've discussed come out in the exam. Says goodbye to epidemiology !

*what we do when we waiting for Aidid(another group member) to start the sg*

12th.February.2014. how fast time flies. Its already third day of final and I sat for integumentary system module. Slept at 5.30 am and woke up at 7.15 am. This is the main reason why my hormone imbalance. I need a sleep man ! Alhamdulillah, I cannot complained more as its worth lacking of sleep for the sake of my INS module. LOL.

13th.February.2014. Musculoskeletal system was a next paper and I am ready to stir the questions and fry the answers. Study group helped me get thru the whole week of exam. We discussed,we argued,we laughed and we stayed up all night together. How wonderful it was being with those who you comfortable to be with and study the same things with them. Two more papers to go and really can't wait to finish the next paper which is Nervous system and basic mechanism of diseases.

14th.February.2014. Friday comes after Thursday and NVS module comes after MSS. Nervous system is the most complex system in our body and not that easy to understand each and every of the process for diseases that affects the nervous system as it involve our brain. Alhamdulillah I managed to answer all the question with satisfaction.

17th.February.2014. Last paper for final and it was basic mechanism of diseases. Monday morning felt so tired because I spend less than couple hours on sleep. Perfect level of cortisol hormone for the growth of acne. Damn ! now my face had covered with acne scars and it looks adorable. =.=' fakkk ! acne scar never look good on face or maybe its a signed to shows that I've struggle for my final. Now under treatment of stem cell serum and it do takes time.

18th.February.2014. last day for final examination. OSPE day ! 12 noon I am officially in holiday. End of semester holiday..