Jan 6, 2014

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6th January 2014 !
               6 days since the first day of new year eve. Even though I've spent my new year at home still got no time to post entry on how am I wasted my holiday at home. Guys its not really a holy-day for you to know because I need to sit for a test on Tuesday right after the break,it means I need to study like all the time and the truth is I didn't spent most of my time reading the books and get to know things that I didn't know. Too many distraction like most of other students when it comes to semester break they tend to eat a lot,watching the television and lay under the thick blanket on the comfort bed that surround by fluffy pillows.

              I started my semester break reading the lecture notes and a few sentences about integumentary system as I know I haven't sat for the End-Of-Module examination yet so I decided to read all the notes before it comes to second week of the break. Then, after I am tired sitting on the chair looking at the table just to make sure I could finish reading all the notes,I switch on my iPad and started to explore my facebook account. The first group page I opened was MD AUCMS 3rd batch '12 and scroll down if there are something new that I need to know andd suddenly one of my batchmate attached the updated schedule for January 6-10,2014.

                Kinda crunchy week haa ? got two exams in a week. Medical degree under AUCMS,all batches are arranged by our beloved Dr.Brenda. I've mention that I had struggled to finish with my integumentary system and out of nowhere the schedule uploaded MS was the nearest test after the break. can you see how fantastic it was.? okay as a doctor in making I need to be flexible and have to be more ready for sake of my future. Then I stared at my iPad screen with thousand thought running in my head. I stood up and got downstair for a glass of plain water as I believe plain water very helpful whenever I felt so thirsty then I sat on the leather couch just in front of 42 inch flat screen but yet I forgot to take the remote and since I already sat on the couch its very hard for me to get my ass up so I just layed on the couch and staring at the black screen pretend like I'm watching something. Around 3.30 am(I guess) I fall asleep.

               Suddenly, I was driving my car with naked top,I heard a voice "where are you going ?" and I opened up my eyes realised I was dreaming. Its already 7.30 am on the next day ! I thought my dad really gave me Aston Martin for my birthday but seems like only in my dream. Applause,applause ! When it comes to the next day I really think I need to reschedule my timetable and that's how I spend my first week at home during holiday. The day becomes hot and I think I need to take a shower now since I got no evening class for today. Ouh and I haven't perform my Zoho' prayer yet. Happy New Year everybodeyhh ! hope still not to late to wish all of you a great New Year,2014.