Aug 2, 2012

an interview

this story happened last monday..
not much left,just elaborate from the photo that has taken during the trip..

a view from our room at the PUTRA HOTEL

i'm ready for the interview and yes i'm look so kampung but who cares
indoor view

miss the old me

blow the july away.. fuuuhhh
now my life is about sitting at home scroll down my twitter timeline and fall asleep in front of my lappy and when i woke up its already 6 o'clock in the evening.. my mind is likes already set up when should i wake up so i never missed my iftar since AUGUST is a fasting month for this year..
then i took a shower and ready for iftar..
for tonight event i watch my lil' brother played the fireworks outside the house for sure and its enough reminds me back to my childhood where i played the firework along with my sister and all of my cousin..
we've tried something extreme with the firecrackers and laugh till we can't even catch our breath.. what a wonderful childhood i ever had.. i wish i could turn back on time..

right now at this moment i have nothing to do.. i feel like i want to be alone for all the time..
i'm not sure what am i suppose to do because whenever i plan for something the plan will never work..
that why i trust this words "unplanned moment is better than planned one" but it is also impossible for me to always follow with the flow of this life cause the risk is too high unless i'm a type of girl who can ignore the people around me..

i had tried it before and looks like i'd failed..
before i enter to matriculation i planned not to care about the people around me no matter what happen but its too selfish and i realise that i couldn't live alone for all the time because i need to help whoever in need even i didn't get anything in return cause for me a help is not like someone owe you something but it is something that you must give and never take.. 
*that only my opinion* ;)

that's why no matter how best the institute that we're get in if our attitude never gave our life the best we still cannot survive.. seriously i miss my matriculation life !
i miss the time i've got something to do
i miss the time when i'm able to wake up early in the morning
i miss the time where i sat on my chair and doing me own work
i miss the time when all of my roommate fall asleep afte the class and its including me
the thing that...,
i really miss is the time where four of us struggling our best so all the insect that exist in our room know that they didn't belong in there.

*and i miss this hair !