Jan 24, 2014

study week ?

hello people !
according to the title I mean the question above looks like I need to explain more. Its almost 12 midnight and we got another 7 minutes before we enter to the new day which is Friday. Actually,I already in holiday but not really a holiday because for me holiday is all about doing nothing unless hanging out enjoyed my venti size frappucino. Since,I've got 16 days left for my final so I need to sacrifice my social life and need to read books before its too late.

Listening to Love Somebody by Maroon 5 reminds me of something that I really don't want to remember and just if I could delete most of the unwanted memories but I can't and that's the fact I need to accept. I think I should not care about that,right ? because every single second I will make a new memory and yeaa I shouldn't care. Just need to enjoy every moment in my life..

okay get back to our topic.! I need to revise 6 modules and really need to manage my schedule properly so I won't waste a month later.
I'd planned to head back to Kuantan next Tuesday but am not sure because it wasn't me the one who bought the ticket so I didn't know the details.
Three days left and I'm totally out from here for a week only. LOL.
but who cares even for a day I am really grateful if I could escape from here.

ouh I forgot ! I wanna share something for today's entry but its about yesterday story. I'd watched the latest movie of Frankenstein ! and letsss SCREAMMMMM ! I gave three thumbs,9 stars and biggest smile I ever smiled.. I love the movie as I love the UNDERWORLD movie. Big clap to the producer,he is the same person anyway. Okay means it is a must watch movie for now peeps ! better go for 3D,the graphic was fantastic I tell yaa..

I like Dr.Wade character. She's hot and intelligent. ouh for medical student I really prefer you guys to watch this movie because there are scenes where the scientist mention some of medical terms.

okay done with today's entry and I supposed to read books now. goodnight people !