Mar 17, 2011

9's state

menceritakan kisah yg terbengkalai selama hanya beberapa jam yg sudah berkenaan...,
journey to kuala pilah that located at 9's state..
first step that makes me can be right over here is all because of $21.90 ticket..such a golden ticket ! then,the next day have to wait for the silver bus to surf on the tar made road only.30 minutes before the real time i already reached at the bus station and great ! hav to wait under the blue roof and inhaled the air conditional from the surrounding acting cool to wait for that stupid bus to arrive..

3.25 pm :
it's seem likes the bus that named TRANSNASIONAL same as the bus name printed in my,ready for a long journey..last hug from my mum,got onto the bus and yeah ! found my seat..

3.40 pm :
my journey begin,i know this when i felt like the bus is moving..ofcoz larh bro !
i fall asleep half way then woke up when my journey is almost end..

7.05 pm :
arrived at the last check point and live again !

tot,tet,tot,tet... E.N.D O.F S.T.O.R.Y !

now C.O.N.T.I.N.U.E. !

i've got my life back after a couple months deadly shit living at the jungle..
since now i'm home thought never talk about past and 'lets bygone be bygone'...
okey,the story begin with..,

9.00 am :
woke up from my creaky bed,took a shower and take a deep breath to involve in this social network for the whole day..
after enjoy such a wonderful break-fast that famous among the malaysian name as 'fatty rice and milky carrot' and i have no idea what happen to my life next !
arghh ! BRAIN FREZZ...!

10.30 am :
melangok !
memikirkan mase depan dengan menulis cerita sambil memerhatikan burung bermandi-mande di atas jalan tar yg berlopakkan air hujan yg dkaji dah dicemari oleh letusan loji nuclear dr negara jiran yg dgelar "matahari terbit"..sangat menakutkan ! manusia juga dsangkekan terdedah dgn kejadian malang yg menimpa dunia masa kini katanya lagi...*nth sape nth yg berkata !

2.00 pm :
menari di atas kekunci "makmal tinggi" atau erti kate lain laptop..
kehidupan diteruskan seperti sedia kala...