May 20, 2011

fall asleep... ^_^

*19th MAY 2011's story..

2 movie in one nite..
the story start with letter E.. errr ! actually on this day i was really tired but when thought that i have a date so i force my own self to wake me up so i didn't miss this date..first plan thought this aren't a date just a meeting between a work's frend but it's different when we spend the whole nite together.. time goes on ! before it gone we go to the beginning of the story..meeting point's location is golden screen cinema at east coast mall..that time is already 9.45 pm and our movie start at 9.50 pm.. begin with capital I for INSIDIOUS was a first horror movie for our nite..really scared ! but the scareness worth a thousand sweet moment but seriously the story makes me afraid to live alone at home..

finish for that..,
while waiting for our next movie we hangout for a cup of hot tea for him and other drink for the rest at TAJ RESTAURANT.. talking,sharing story,laughing and walarh our next story is on.. my favourite movie ever PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN ON STRANGER TIDES.. tenkiu farhan for treat me my favourite movie.. lurve you ! goin upstair by escalator and have a very comfort seat at the most back that called "couple seat".. can't believe that seat also have a name usually i heard seat only have a letter.. felt really special.. but i have no idea why i felt so sleepy on that time even that is my favourite movie but i can't stand my eyes to open anymore so I FALL ASLEEP and my head has land at his right shoulder but i still didn't realise.. i missed lot of scene hurmm but i didn't blame myself for that because i have make that late nite movie very special for us... or just maybe because it's just a coincedence ! i have no idea because i can't read people mind nor a heart..

another ending..,
still continue with another beginning..after we finished our last movie we out for early breakfast cause it's already 3 in the morning.. paddy is our next destination to filled up his empty stomach..then,we go around and he drove me to my very favourite place after i told him that the place is WONDERFUL.. that place named black stone..there it's ! no light,no moonlight,no thousand of star that always brighten up the whole sky..just enjoy the cool sea breeze,calm air n fresh sea water smell.. that was a perfect situation for a perfect date..*cehh,bajek couple.. tp ape salahnya kn,kn ? the most foolish moment is when i afraid of cat.. sebenarnya x takut pon tp pengaruh INSIDIOUS..*cover =_= so he drove me home rite after that.. lurve you R*****'s guy.. tengs cause willing to spend time with me.. hope that i can spend more time with you in another day together with ribena.. hee comel x ? :p

dancing crazy..

when the fingers touch a keyboard it will dancing like crazy..!
it makes a story begin with jus a single word and spreading all over the pages like a cloud that filled all around the sky..3,2,1.. GO !
9 o'clock woke up from my bed and took a shower until 10 o'clock
10.05 am get ready with my outfit and get into a car ! boring ! usuall routine..

memandangkan tertinggal ape yg sepatutnya menjadi kewajipan pd setiap hari-hari yg dilalui untuk berkarya terpaksa larh berbuat yg demikian pada hari nie..dengan tertekannya button 'new post' maka cerita hendaklah dteruskan tanpa menghiraukan kanak2 sekeliling,lipas terbang merate-rate,tikus berlari huru-hara dan tidak ketinggalan nyamuk berjoget sini-sana..seperti yg telah dmaklumkan pd 19hb mei merupakan hari sedekah sepanglima.. saya yg tidak terkecuali djemput untuk memenuhkan kerusi yg bertempat d dewan TENGKU PANGLIMA PERANG TENGKU MUHAMMAD.. hari yg xde orang nk amik tau melainkan org yg mengetahuiny..*mst larh ! tujuan utama dtng pd pukul 10.15 adalah kerana kehendak pihak jemputan takut larh kecik ati dtng lambat..apa2 pon balik ke arah yg cerah.. cerita untuk menceritakan soal hal keduniaan yg berkonsep duniawi..

tanpa bermain2*nada serious ! kita teruskan acara yg tersembunyi nie.. diluluskan oleh YH datuk hj faisal bin sambal *bajek tau nme ayah die

acara dimulakan dengan masuk dewan..then,tnggu yg nieh berucap yg tu berucap yg sana pon nk berucap mmg kne bagi muka klu x da lame orang yg selok mic hilang muka..dteruskan lagi dengan penyampaian hadiah untuk pelajar cemerlang..

MC : siti nurul shafirah binti rosli
shafi comel : tap,tup,tap,tup..berjalan dengan megah menaiki pentas yg berlantaikan kayu
*pengetua ! lantai tu tnggu mse je nk roboh..
miss jem : tahniah !
shafi comel : terima kasih *nada sedih

berjalan tanpa henti sehingga keluarnya dari dewan.. wondering ape yg berada dalam sampul berwarna coklat dengan tertulis nama SITI NURUL SHAFIRAH BINTI ROSLI..melangkah kembali ke dalam dewan melalui pintu belakang dewan mencari tempat untuk diduduki..sraapp~tbe terdengar bunyi yg selalu dengar klau post man dtng rumah..alarh seratus..!kedengaran suara yg dkenali dari arah kanan telinga..rupanya sofiya fuzya yg mengeluh apabila rahsia sampul coklat terbongkar..AHAHA !*gelak jahat.. even hanya beberapa ringgit at least ade jgk org nk bg free kn,kn..? dengan keputusan hanya 6A 2B 2C ! yg penting nieh haa..dapat hang out ngan kawan kat old skool..* nak nagis

suhh~ *wind whispering !

puff ! wuff ! cuff ! buff !
what the mess !
today already 20th may 2011 i have another 2 days left at home to explore the surrounding before i go to a very 'GROWN UP' place with a lot of serious people surround me..there is no play word to say anymore,no hang out time to spend anymore just one thing that we all have to think about.. 4-flat ! since we've take a very high risk so we have to face it and take the challenge !
*people rarely succed unless they have fun in what they are doing !
new word to built a 'new world with a different lifestyle'..

2 days left !
make every hour count..
but it aren't that hard to left all of my life here after all and this is because i have spend time with all of person that played really important for me..YEAH ! beres larh.. spend pnye spend.. barang kontang-kanting lagi x pack.. bilik tnggang langgang penuh dengan barang U je.. it is to hard to manage my time rite now.. then i decided to make a to-do-list for more proper job so it not becoming a worth packing moment ever.. *haa,mak kau suruh kemas awl2 kau banyak maen skrng terima larh padah..!

to-do-list :

top 5 list for preparation..