Nov 11, 2012

miles away from home

hello Sunday !
today is already 11.11.12 and it was a beautiful date for this year,i suppose to be home at this time,at this moment.
yeah i already 19,i need to learn how to live without fully depends on home and most of things i had before i was here, but its a week break and i really think i need to go home now.. for sure its too late to think about being home now cause i should make that decision 3 days ago so i will never feel regret in the end.
now i started to miss my old friends.. all of them..! arab yusry,diyana azizan,scha alia,atiqah mustapa,aiman butang and etc. it feels like heaven if i can meet all of them and spend a long day together sharing about our new life and everything.. i miss all of you so badly..! true friendship that never end even future had tears all of us apart. wish there's no end in our friendship and wish all of you know how wonderful it is if we could meet each other.