Feb 6, 2012


we will never get something that we really want without doing anything.. even a lil' something at least we've tried  and its better than nothing..
early in the morning with a sound of cricket out of my window where everybody still on their bed having a dream and wait till the the sunrise but i still watching at this bright screen just to filled a form for a further study through the upu online.. and this is the result since my eyes had tried really hard to stand and keep going until i've finished the last pages of that form.. quite hard to make a choice of all the courses that have provided by many different unversities..

thank you ! thank you ! thank you !

what the awesome night before i've gone to matric and leave this town where i'd found most of my life here..
the hardest part in my life is to leave my toasty and all his friends here more than a miles away from me ! i'll never could done this if not just one reason that is for my future and glory of my life and also for my religious.. trying really hard to achieve a success..

and now i've felt so sleepy my eyes no longer could stand whenever my head turned to the right where my fluffy pillow layed down on the perfect,comfort bed  makes me feel like there's no more sun to rise for tomorrow.. AARGGHH !

okey i'm fine with that just focus on our entry..!!
a guy who owned red's FORD FIESTA had drive me to every place where we could hang out and shared our story all night long.. the date but not really a "date" begin when i've got a phone called from 017XXXXXXX and named AIZAT HIDAYAT.. then we've talked asking where's your coordinate and telling mine and there we've meet each other and having a dinner at very perfect place named CROCODILE ROCK.. beef bolognese and ribena be the menu that i'm going to eat at that time and he choose to have fish 'n' chip all together with apple juice to complete the menu.. eat,talk,drink and laugh..
tup,tup !
we're here at the place where we could catch for a movie.. JOURNEY TO THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND is our late night movie.. then,he drive me home and now i've gotta go,my pillow had called for my name
*wait i'm coming,i'm coming ! okey guys tengs for spending time to read for this entry.. zzZzzZZ