Jan 17, 2014

blessing Friday.

good afternoon everyone !
since today is a public holiday means I got no place to go instead of staying home.
Tomorrow start the weekend for this week and next week I got two End-Of-Module examinations in a week which on Monday and Wednesday.
what a crunchy week before I head back to Kuantan for Chinese New year break and together with study week. According to the latest updated timetable,right after the last day of CNY break we need to sit for final examination for about six days and that sounds soo creepy right ! Yes,it is !

means there are only 23 days left to study all the things like "everything" but for me the "everything" doesn't sounds so scary compared to our final examination for the whole pre-clinical years that they called as "Professional Examination".
This examination included all the lesson that we've learned for the whole two and a half years. Things getting tougher and tougher but all we can do is just work harder and harder. Lastly :
"Don't live in a town where there are no doctors"-Jewish Proverb

as the clock is ticking and so does the time is moving.
nothing worth more than appreciate the time because we cannot turn back time just if you got the time machine and just if Allah wills to bring you back to the past and fixed everything. Since 'just if" sounds like never gonna happened so we need to use time wisely people. 

I am here to remind most of you,just to those who read this that everything happen for a reason. We as Allah servants just believe that Allah never burden us with such a thing that we can't even bear. Live positively ! 

I guess its a quote for today's entry. 
Routines schedule :

11.44 am : I woke up from the bed and exhaled hardly as I had wasted my morning life. I should wake up at 8 but I didn't                                                 
12.30 pm : I cleaned up the mess and go on with my life. 
12.56 pm : took a shower
2.00 pm : oouhh ! world ! reality ! means I'm done with my shower
3.00 pm : started studying and getting bored
4.10 pm : doing pedicure and coloured my nail. Yeah sounds stupid and lifeless. That's how I live my life here as I got no car to treat myself a frapp now.
4.15 pm : checked my "bathroom" and post something about today 

*and this is the result