Jan 2, 2012

memories wif ARBYUSRY


first entry of all the photos that i have 

talking to the road

road is where i step on for this centuries and wondering what would replaced this tar-made road for the next centuries or maybe i haven't have a chance to see all that.. whatsoever there's lot of thing that we can figure it out rather than this nonsense thought..in the evening on the 1st day of 2012 i've wasting most of my time wif my friends.. doing lots of stupid thing that should be spend for more benefit things.. as long as i still a time to spend along with all of my friend i'll take that opportunity so i will never felt sorry for not doing so.. but still feel sorry for the thing that i've done since it is such a waste thing i've ever done.. catched for a JACK & JILL movie for this raining season together with a guy named IHSAN.. nothing left in my mind,almost all the memory of our date have been delete from my mind...