Nov 6, 2012

bounce back


it is not something that could stop me from move on or walk forward.. i take it as a lesson and i promise it wont happen again.. never ever again ! not all the time we belong at the top thus most of the time life brings something that could take us down and everything is depend on how we judge it,how we learn from it and how we put our effort on it. failure is not forever it just in a mean time whenever we forget what had happened on the bottom and where does we belong before we get at the top. 

the second mini test doesn't gave me a great result and i have no idea which part did i miss until i got that lowest marks in my entire life i have ever sat for examinations. maybe i spend less of my time on study,maybe i take it easy on the certain part of the words in the notes or maybe this is not my sustenance yet.. only Allah have the answer.. all i have to do now is pray,pray and never stop praying cause that's what i suppose to do as His servant.. my secret weapon.!