Jan 13, 2013

white for hi-tech

new year had comes and new thing had arrived.
telling a short story about my "bucky"..!
i was dreaming to have 'him' about month ago and finally my dream came true.
Thank You Allah for the sustenance..
now i introduce you to my mini "bucky"..

the reason i choose pink casing cause boy in pink was cute and 'he' looks cute in pink. *wink wink*

Jan 1, 2013


we've changed every single day even it has been added another one number to the numbers in the year (2012+0001=2013) but still didn't realised the changes. people were very busy thinking about their own life where most of them were like walking without looking,eating without talking,sleeping without dreaming.. world was the main idea in every thought. influence from the words "Live life to the fullest" perhaps or "things to do before i die".. arghh ! whatever ! i should start telling the story rather than crapping of how to clear people minds from that kind of thought. no-sense at all !

Let's feel the moment...,
31st december 2012 was my last day watching the big flat screen,staring at the books in my own cube,laying on the comfort couch with remote in my hand and eat lots of food with no charge. heaven haa ! that's why until now people put their trust on this quotes "Home sweet home" because its the fact that no one cant denied.. we able to taste,feel and smell all the sweetness once we're reached home. yeahh no place like home. should i compliment more.? i think that's enough since today i'm going back to Penang.. well everyone wish the college that they enter now was just beyond their yard and yeaa me ? also got the same thought. let me tell you one secret,sometimes we need to travel and stay so that the world knows our existence. we'll learn just a bit if every single day doin the same routines,at the same place,same time until the year end. world need to explore,time need to consume,body need to move so that everything will worth it like thousand ants that never stop working.. is it same.? i dont think my grandma care,huh.! 
back to our story., to make the journey sounds interesting....,
tup,tap,tup,tap was the noise of the black boot that hit the floor of the main mall in Kuantan around 5 o'clock in the evening.. the glass door automatically slides to open once i step on the big black carpet right in front of the door. main reason why i prefer to waste my time that i suppose to spend on reading was "outfit". i need something new to wear for college so thought that this mall got everything then puufff i found lots of thing but i didn't buy it all since i need to save my money for future. good plan,my mum will proud if she found out that her daughter knows how to save money.. *big smile*
Rest In Peace 2012..

HELLO New Year.!
the story begin when its almost 12 midnite where three of us met and decided to join the community to celebrate new year at the place named Teluk Cempedak since the rain had stop pouring so we could stay outside under the open sky. as we know this kind of event makes half of Kuantanese stay up all night just to watch how people amused their self at first but then most of them change their mind and gone wild. in just 30 minutes the place had been filled up with crowds. squeaky noise of the plastic trumpet been blow,the white foam that appears when the sprayer been pressed. common things during new year celebration. used to it. -..- people get out of control and chasing each other like damnn..! huhh,feel the tired of running by telling all this.. now need rest since i haven't sleep yet. *faint*