Apr 14, 2013

Take it as it was

It is pathetic..!
Things are get worsen and all I can do is sit and watch instead of speak and "burst". Maybe you think I'm doing nothing to fix it. Actually I choose to stay away rather than be close and approach.
I need space,I need time and I need strength where I didn't get before..
About 7 month and almost a year we stay together but you never realise how worse I am staying here.
Maybe It's already written that we are going to stay together for more than year but if you don't even realise how bad you make me feel for what reason things should be fixed.

You never know how does it feels when you bad mouthing me until people tend to fight with me just because of the guy that you like. You never know how does it feel when you've done that and I still accept you to be around me and help you in everything where none could be there when you in need but you still doing the same thing,in short repeating the simple mistake until I feel like you have no more interest to be my friend..

I don't know why but I want you to know people are talking about you to me,I choose to say 'NO..! You don't know her..!' Instead of expose who you are.. Maybe I say this because I kept many things inside or maybe I'd got intention to tell everybody about it but I refuse,I refuse to betray my own friend where I could make things better even small thing.. It's okay,I'll be fine with it..
::final decision : I will backing you up even though you think I'm going to tell everyone about what happened between us..