Mar 21, 2014

the sound of a fish

can you imagine how amazing does it feels to be home for a month. I means real home. The one that people called it "home sweet home". I'm done with third semester and slowly walked in next semester which is 4 that come after three. You wanna know how do I spent my holiday ? ouh before that I just wondered how come the big thing like airplane went missing ?

the issue is none of my business anyway.
The girl who never get bored with her life,do you think so ? Yes she is. Never stop looking for something to do instead of just lay down on bed while holding a remote control with a bottle of juice like all the time. The truth is I decided to stay home alone and do whatever I want but when I think it twice there's nothing more I can do other than fall asleep while watching a tv. Final decision I go with part time job. Awesomeness overload ! I work at cinema again. Why ? because I love to watch movies and if I work at cinema I got the privilege where I can watch any movies that I want. Sounds fantastic right ! Plus I met a lot of people during my work time rather than just see the unreal people behind the screen. At least I was exposed.. Not just exposed to human but also germs because germs came along with human and human bring along the germs. Who cares about that by the way ?

I creates memories every single day. I captured golden moments with people I love.
and here some pictures of people I met for last two weeks.