Mar 25, 2011

what the capital H

huhh,what is wrong with all this matter..!
duaniawi,abis biru-haru nk amik result skrng haru-biru nk letak jadah UPU FASA 2 yg dkatekan tamat pada 10 APRIL 2011 nie buat aku terjoget-joget nk cepat daftarkan diri sebagai salah seorang siswi kat mne2 U yg seronok untuk santapan+tatapan yg menantikan hasilnya "sentap".procedur yg berbakul-bakul kne ikot buat aku lagi angin nk mengisi kekosongan borang yg terang2 ade depan mke scren toshy aku nieh.last2 terpaksa bersabar dengan kerenah bb nme manja bg broadband small letter 'c'..setelah ajak lama bermain dengan tulisan akhirnya berjaya menyiapkan laporan 'emas' itu td..alhamdulilah,harap2 usaha nie dapat bagi aku sebiji tangga untuk pergi ke next level or higher level..

*zoom in at the purple oval shape !

grown up !

23th march 2011 : the very 'BIG DAY' has come.. the thing that can change everything in my whole life.. begin with capital letter S. scary ! but at least on this day i can meet my classmate again after about a couple month we haven't meet each other and after i'm stuck at the fucking jungle.. HELLO PUNK5 ! i'm here again.

waiting for the result about couple an hour without do anything juz talked to each other,share story and last,tired of waiting decided to check our result through the SMS so it's not goin to be surprise after all.HOPELESS ! there's no response.
12.15 pm:
the result are not announce by the teacher so the excellent student can SHOWIN OFF' that their work hard is working..enough of that,back to mine..
here my SPM result : 5A 1A- 2B+ 2C+

A :Bahasa Melayu,Pendidikan Islam,Mathematics,Geography,Chemistry
C+:Additional Mathematics,Physics

*i'm not as smart as you ! i'm also didn't get a lot of A's as you !but i know where i can count for my size.

oke,kembali ke pangkal jalan..right after the result anouncement we gathered at school's canteen to express our satisfaction about the thing that jus happen and check for qualification to enter at which UNIVERSITY..okay,that's all for now !

p/s:dengan terpostnya gambar di atas maka berakhirlah zaman kebudakan yg melampau..