Apr 4, 2015

21st century.

Peace be upon you.
Its been almost a year I haven't post anything or even check my blog's account and yet I still remember the password which is good because if I fail to sign in earlier I wouldn't bother to go back to my email and reset everything. Hell No People !

Since today is Saturday so I've got so much time to think and throw craps in here. Okay where to start ? actually I've lost in my own thought right now because there are so many things to think about.
Ooh I know first of all welcome to CYBERJAYA shafirah !
I'm in CYBERJAYA people I repeat CYBERJAYA. If ever you miss me especially my laugh I know right, just come and say hi, I guess it is more than enough. Or maybe wave from far. Or just smile.
The reason why I'm here is that I've switched to different university which slightly have the same name just the front letter is different because this one located somewhere in cyberjaya.

I won't tell you the detail of my university because I really don't give a fuck about it.
I'm here because medical profession need me in the future, If Allah wills.

69 days before professional examination. Okay that's random I know but trust me you wouldn't have time to even walk slowly if you know the facts that we as medical students need to know everything from the cell structures to the formation of hair because time is gold.

hahahilarious..! I said that but still I'm here try to post at least one entry for this new year of 2015 even though its already april but still in 2015. *flip hair*

CYBERJAYA is very hot so this is it for my entry. night fella !