Dec 11, 2013

who said ?

1st.December.2013 was the date that most of the guests are waiting for.
"A Night To Remember" ! anddd it is true as now I still able to recall every moment that I've experience during the event..

when the sun meet the west the day slowly becoming dark and I listened to the pop music on our way to the Trader's hotel located at the Penang island.It tooks about 45 minutes to reach our destination,the traffic moving slows on the Penang bridge towards the island and we stucked for almost 20 minutes.As we expected Sunday evening using the road to the island never be the great idea.Around 7.25 pm we reached at the 1st Avenue mall just beside the hotel,since there's no nearest car park to rest our car after almost hour travelled with us,we decided to explore the mall's car park.Then,we walked from the mall to the hotel.I walked in the white gown and he was wearing a suit.People gave us a quirky look as we walked in the mall looking for the main gate that could bought us to the front door of the hotel.The ball room located at the third floor in the sophisticated hotel.The registration table just in front of the entrance door to the ball room where we need to register and took our boarding past in order to past through the door and experienced the event.Since we are already late we need to walk in the dark to get to our table as the event had started 20 minutes ago. Table 9 was the middle table at the very left side of the ballroom and still,there are four of us who haven't there yet to complete the 10 people in our table.As we sat they already served the second menu and we had missed the first one which is the appetizer.

the third performance started and all of the guests were entertained with the good voice of a guy who sang us the songs of love,the ballroom become quiet at the moment as everyone was amazed with his voice.The lights are turned off when the menu were changed.We laughed at silly jokes,we took photos and we enjoyed every bites we had.The emcees announced the "Best Students Awards" for each batch,"Luckiest Girl and Guy" and "Nominees of Best Dress and Suit"..

They called for Shafirah Rosli name and I suddenly got thousands of butterflies in my stomach as I need to stand up and walk to the stage and stand on bit high level floor from the other 290 people in that room.Three nominees for best dress and three nominees for best suit.I almost crowned as best dress but there still got one princess who deserved that.Flashlights are everywhere and every eyes staring at you as you stand on that wooden stage.

The president of our university had complete the event with karaoke session and the students are free to dance on the dance floor right in front of the wooden stage.I dance in white gown and wearing a black boot with 3 inches heel.The formal event had turn wild when most of the guests hit the dance floor.Now,its time to consumed all the battery power for each gadget to keep the memories as our brain cannot kept most of the moment.