Mar 4, 2012

mum's assignment

practicing a life time study..
even her age already 39 years old but she still want to be a student..
under HUMAN RESOURCES courses for only one year she have to finished it once she had started it..
but its quite fair that all of our family members being with books and all the things that related to study environment..
you now have be a student attend for a lecture stay up all night long just to finished up your assignment and its same goes as her two daughter.. the first child in the family was at UITM KUALA PILAH managed to be in "food technology" course and the second one was at PAHANG MATRICULATION COLLEGE taking a life science course(that's me !)..

everyone is study even they already have a kid.. this fact i'd only heard from others mouth but now in this blessing year of 2012 it is happened to our family.. you go mum.. you now a student..! yeaayy..
business management is one of the subject that you have to learn.. assignment given on the very first day you attend your lecture.. this is the thing that she need to search in order to finish up her assignment..

strike for 'A'.. everything is about FUTURE

Ya Allah fewer had caught me and makes me feel so uncomfortable to stay alive and do any works that haven't finished yet.. just now i've took a long shower since i'd just got back from a place where there is lots of germ and anything that unable to see with our naked eyes.. the place that i meant is some place where you could spend your holiday with all of your family members when there is no where else place to go.. "AGRO RESORT SMUJI"..! this place maybe could be the last choice for holiday because there are lots of things that i want to share with all of my readers about this kind of place..
this type of name has been listed to be one of a chosen person to join another 189 individual for one programs that was organised by 'head of science's unit' known as STRIKE FOR 'A'.. i have been told that the objective of this programs to maintain the number of 4-flat student among KMPh and increase it by giving a chance for students who neared missed in their PSPM I that given range of result 3.50 and above.. without wasting much words i would like to go into the nutshell.. on 2nd March 2012 the date where most of pahang matriculation student are allowed to spend their weekend at their own lovely home while the rest 190 students have to be at the jungle that surround with many kind of lakes and having a thought on how to get all A's in every subjects for   PSPM II is quite unfair.. for a very short time that is only 2 days and 1 night where there is not many activities that could be done but its enough impressed me when the organizer managed to make it happen where all the things that is told us before the camp have been done properly same as in the schedule.. 

CHEMISTRY,PHYSICS,BIOLOGY and MATHEMATICS are all the subject that we had learned during the camp.. learn on how to tackle an exam question and how to make a very perfect choice in making a choice on choose for a right question.. **there are to many CHOICES have to be made in order to complete our task in this life..!**  

left princess i called her 'madu'(madi)
right princess i called her 'zulaika cantek'(zulaika)

      the above photos said that everything is about people who could breath the air..
 there is too many words either to be written.. 
let us follow our next routine for every entry.. photo always complete everything..

 the above photos want to show that the unique of nature and green pigment molecule that is produces by the reflected of the light ray reaction occur in the photosynthetic pigment of green plant..