Apr 26, 2012

break-my-leg !

it is like whooaaa !!
i still cannot believe that i'm home for a real..
mean this time i am totally out from the 'busiest' place..!
personally i love to spend most of my time on study rather than do other stupid things since i'd set in my mind matric life is for study gain as much knowledge as i could..
but now i'm no longer stick with that "setting".. it has been a long time i haven't write an article about my daily routines..my life without all this social connection about less than 5 month like living in a world with nothing unless books,serious people and all kind of bored things.. every single day i meet a same people same road to take same food in the same time.. there is only one thing that makes matric life differ than the other.. the uses of time,at matric we all people,from matriculation student itself to the head-of-that place bring our mind into a fast lanes of living..what makes people think time is priceless,it just because if we missed only a second we could lost a bundle of knowledge that we should get between that interval..so,there's no reason for one to say "sorry,i don't have enough time" because until the end of our life also we could never ever get enough time if we couldn't make a good use of it..
i would never ever thought that i could adapt the environment..
today and now was my last day i be at the matric,living as a student..
started at 4o'clock in the afternoon on 26th.april 2012 i'm free from 'controlling' life.. hurray !!