Feb 5, 2012

turned another 1 year

bufday cakes from my roomates
tengs guys ! (21 november 2011)
already eight_teen !
and i will ended my teens age this year and that's bad..
getting old makes me getting tired of making a decision.. there's too many thing that need our commitment so we will be more matured and learned to be more independent..
but,the question now can i get through all that..?
SHAFIRAH ROSLI is the kind of girl that never ever know what is the meaning of GIVE UP.. surely she can..!! in her life there is only one thing that could makes her down"she lost her relationship with ALLAH".. other than that will never could brings her down..for last 5 months she has been crying all day long just because of guy that she said she will never drop even a tears for that person.. but she did and she totally lost on the day she had lost him.. this is because of one feel that never last..
LOVE is the thing that makes people lost everything even they thought that they had owned this world once they've got love.. people will never satisfied with the things that they had just because of life that always brings a new thing..
NOW she have to move on with her life without a boy that care about her that loves her with his whole heart and always asking whether she is in the right condition or not.. another year that have been added to her age makes her be more independent and think positively no matter how hard the life brings to her.. left all the pain that she had yesterday behind her way and never turned back and looks to long at the closed door..
HAPPINESS is a thing that she need to find in her life and she know that she deserved to get that for her entire life.. no more tears of regret that could wet off her cheek and no more scars that could bleed her heart..
this is the promise to life that she will never ever regret of the things that ALLAH had gave it for her to try and have a chance to make a move for better life and be a great person..