Nov 11, 2011

tried to deny !!

i admit that you still in mind flying around in my box of thinking..!
but i also sure that is not for long..
u will slowly dissapears from the place where u shouldn't be..
no one for me to think about but it is hard for my heart to denied that you still mine.!
however you already gone for the real one,
you made it to forget about me but for me,only for a while,when i was really happy being with my friends there are none thought about you but when i'm on my own you are here with me..
please go away from my mind!!! stop killing me!!!
i've tried to denied that i'm still in love with you bcause that is just a theory of life doesn't exist..!!


i'm getting better..
friends is always around to make me laugh and live my night..
that's why friends is the most important person ever but this statement is just for the "old friends".
lover that we doesn't know why they exist didn't gave any reason to make us stay for such a long period in order to make one relationship stay on the right track..
now i already forget and move on with the new me..
new me without you..! what is the used if i can't hang out with all of my friends just want to obey your order..
HELLO! you do give me a happiness but i really sure that's not for long,so stay away if you think you want to stop me from being in my social life..
once you done that i've lost all of my respect to you,and that 's make me hate you more than i ever done..
you want to pointing at me for a small things that i've done.. you bring it up everytime we fight and never care about what am i goin to say.. my explaination is a 'DECEPTION' to you.. anything that happen have thier own reason but you,you always goes to the left side of thinking make you think that you are right in fact that is not all the things you able to manage until you could make it right..

maybe my opinion quite childish but you have to know how to be such a great leader to lead everything bcause most of things depend on the first attempt of thought.. huhh~ whatsoever!don't want to talk about couple life anymore,no more,never ever fall in love AGAIN..

dear ALLAH
*please close my heart very tightly so it will never ever open to anyone.. please i begged for MERCY..
i don't want to take this anymore.never ever cross in my mind to think about this once again.. aminn~

early in the morning activities..
first place bfore i've meet my friends i watched for an IMMORTAL movie.. wow ! so cool,being in there alone siting beside a stranger and the most coolest i've ever done is buying a ticket wif jus a word "one person only",thank you.. it is aren't that bad if we want to be on our own for a certain thing and i can only do that when my status state that I'M SINGLE.. cool haa..!

enough on that..
go on wif our plan.. when i'm still on for my movie i've got a phone call ask me to be a part of their gossiping group.. after a long time i haven't hang out until 3 am with my old friend now the moment is here.. still alive..!
we've talk about our friend's wedding,fashion,foods and people around us and you don't worry so much bcause we do mention your name as one of the person we've been talking about.. tu larh laen kali mak jemah suruh kau jaga perangai kau buat muka skrng rasekan.. *padahal aku yg dosa !
it could make me forget about all of my pain and feel like there is nothing happen bfore,feels like there is no heart break at all..finally,i made it to forget my past and able to go on with my life with a help of a people called 'FRIENDS'.. tenkiu for bring me back to life again.. very THANKFUL TO ALLAH cause ALLAH have gave me such an understanding and happening friends.. ENJOY..!