Aug 30, 2011

pagi-pagi gosok gigi,duet raya mst mau BAGI !

*new fashion !

today is already 1st SYAWAL for this year according to hijrah's, today is a biggest festival for muslim in the whole world.. after we've been through a whole month for fasting now the time for us to celebrate our winning cause we able to stand our eyes,our stomach n also our mouth from swallow a lot quantities of food during the day until dusk..but that's not a purposes why i'm here in gossiping ! there's lots of story to share with all of u guys..

since today is the day of EID so i have to live this day till nite n i made it ! hambek kau raya sakan buku masih d tangan,mmg seronok larh kan,mne x tertekan,salah gaya kne saman,mak jah da x nk makan biar larh die tolong angkat pinggan *sabit !
okey enough of that.. nie nk habak mai ! pagi td bangun pnye larh awl tp mandi pulak lmbt da sebek sorang kat umah kne tinggal orang laen da pergi masjid menunaikan solat aidilfitri.. haissh! da larh setahun skali.. mandi pnye pasal da tertunda siaran.. kan bagus dunia nie terbalik human being x perlu mandi since smue akan automatik wangi.. ade ke ? RIDICULOUS

nk citer pasal raye alik2 penuh dgn cerita air nk mandi larh itu larh ini larh ! berojak nasi skali.. haahh ! raya tahun nieh meriah than last year sbb most of our family members balik kampung jd ramai larh.. ble orang da rmai makanan pon mle larh seronok menari2 dlm periuk belanga bnyk larh jdnye.. dengan satay bertalam-talam,dengan nasi dagang berguni-guni,dengan nasi impit da mcm sardin berhimpit-himpit,dengan rendang yg puas berendam dlm sambal tumis,dengan ketupat berketul-ketul,dengan lemang yg lemas dalam buluh.. huhh ! berpeluh-peluh tgk makanan saja belum lagi makan..
nak cerita pasal makanan sampai ble x habis..

*this is my youngest cousin

come join me touring to the whole village in collecting for money ! after we finished almost half foods at my grandparents house we move on to the next house to visiting each other since this festival is jus once a year..

this year EID storied many kind of behaviour of human being in our family that makes it more colourful.. i don't have enough energy to type all the activity that have been through during the morning of EID.. so i juz leave it to photo to tell u everything.. enjoyed !

*he is my cousin not my boyfrend
*my family
*juadah beraya sakan
*rendang daging
*meet darwish.. he such a shy n cute little boy

one day before big FESTIVAL

yesterday evening our family went back to our hometown at kemaman.. *so skema,heehh ! nek jah nie bkn nk buat karangan..

4.45pm : arrive at our perfect place called village..with a wood-made-wall that protect the house from being attack by the "chaos" monkey that can appear from anywhere.. tkot gle !
5.00pm : helping the other family members in preparing the meals for tomorrow fest
5.30pm : nothing to do ! so boring
7.18pm : break fasting together with lot of foods surround us..
8.00pm : playing around together with all of my cousin.. wow ! so happening with the light of firework with a noise of firecraker.. geboom,gebang !
11.30pm : ready to grill the things that begin with capital S for satay..

* huru-hara

since we arrived quite late so there is no interesting things that we can do so gudbye until we meet again tomorrow for the very happening day.. there are lots of it to story about..

Aug 28, 2011

new letter !

*just for fun !

fasting month

another fasting month for me.. means this is the 12 times of fasting month for me start from when i'm in standard 1.. tenkiu ALLAH for gives me such a golden opportunity by giving me a fresh air to keep breathing,a clear n clean water to stand up straightly n also a sun to brighten my day.. n now i'm still alive to feel another month for fasting.. my first day of fasting i'm not at home so i didn't break fasting together wif my family members but i'm at my second home at gambang wif a very new environment n wif a new experience.. before this i never been through my fasting away from home,from my mum.. so the first day fasting i really worried about how to wake up for early breakfast without my mum n what am i goin to eat on that time.. this is bcause when i'm at home my mum will cooked for us n also will wake me up.. so this is a very new environment that i have to adapt.. but day after day i made it.. i made it to make myself comfortable wif it.. wake up at 5 o'clock n eat wif rest of my roomate.. quite interesting..

end of that..
my point of talking about this current issues is bcause the thing that happen just now.. me n my whole family including my grandparents,my aunt n also my nephew have break our fasting together at a very famous restaurant that has been known bcause of their delicious n tasty TOM YAM.. that restaurant named SARA THAI.. the reason why we choose that restaurant is bcause a rumours that has spreading through the air into our ear said that the restaurant famous of their tasty tom yam.. tables have been booked one day before the event.. the menu have been chosen on the same time as the table did so now just have to wait for the 'azan' to taste for the foods that heard very delicious..

27th AUGUST 2011 is the date where the event runned..

on that day i woke up as usuall took a bath since there is no food that can be eat on that time due to fasting.. finished wif that i go back to sleep bcause my eyes cannot open widely.. so i wake up at 5 pm took a bath and ready to go.. 6.10pm we started our car's engine n drive to our destination that has been set for our place to break our fasting.. then we arrived ! looking for our table and have a comfort seat.. taking a photo is necessary..

*meet my nephew amisha
*we have such a big family n this is only quarter we have more but the rest cannot join us for this time

the foods also have served on our table.. let's take a look at it !
*ayam goreng kunyit
*kerabu mangga.. waa favourite !
*sayur goreng belacan kot ! (x igat)
*udang goreng tepung

*this is the overall foods
okeyy that's all for now..
need pillowwww!

another "blind" statement

when the book is open the first word that written on the very front page is DIARY.. can u wonder what book is that..?

let us go with our first hint for this wondering...

%%capital 'W' that be the first letter for this book..
%%coloured with many colours but mine is white in colour..
%%evryday story in form of comic..

still can't get the clue...?
hieehh,lembab betol !

taadaaa ! got the perfect one !

see i have told u that i have a very wonderful boyfrend that know a suitable n perfect things for me.. yeayy.. tenkiu my dear.. i has finished read all of the words that has been typing on that book.. even i can't watch for the movie at least i already know the story n every scene in that movie.. tenkiu my dear hunny.. lurve u so much..!

CAPITAL 'B' for...

yeayy !
B for the thing that we bring along everyday when we step out from our house..
B for the thing that we put all of our make up in there
B for the thing that protect our phone from been stolen by a thief
B also is for the thing that can snatch our live ! *this is not good..

yeaa,that's what i am going to say..
i got a lovely bag from my SUPERHERO
yesterday i go to downtown,
my bag's colour is light brown..
(HELLO ! it's a poem..)

my supersuperMAN know what i need n tally wif my taste.. i'm such a lucky gurl bcause i have u as my man that always be right beside me when i'm in need.. * out of topic

the story begin wif letter L for leg *sabit !
early in the morning where most of malaysian still on bed dreaming about the thing that never bring to alive, i and my lovely boyfrend when to 24 hours fast food restaurant to take a early breakfast together since the day before we haven't break our fasting together so we haven't meet each other yet.. on the same day,same date,same time n same place he has gave me the lurvely thing that i has said just now.. what a suprise.. lurve it ! tenkiu so much hunny pie.. huhh,there is it !

L.O.N.G time

ffuuuhh *tiup habuk
since da sangat lme x update blog wif sumthing that interesting so i choose this early morn where there is no one around without any noise that could interupt me to build a very great words to produce a thousand miles of sentences..
started from the day i enter to matriculation there is no more sight to view all of my social network.thus make me didn't know what is happenning around the world.. from the politic to the story of LADY GAGA new album..* my facebook has been eaten by thousand of viruses ! zero knowledge about all of it ! nevermind because i can see the brightest light for my future.. high competition,tough subjects to carry n also tight schedule for everyday classes make me realise how worth time is as worth as a trilion impulse that transmitted by the nerves in our brain..

so i should switch off the "outside" thing that have happened when i'm still under matriculation program this is bcause i do not want to waste my time for sumthing that does not give me anything unless regret oneday..

Aug 26, 2011

bright SUNSHINE !

well ! well ! well !
my life had twist upside down..
from a cool n relaxing gurl,alone n nothing person INTO a very serious n buzy gurl 'and' coupling n love sumone called guy...
means i have lot of commitment in this new lifestyle..still find a very perfect space to keep breathing so i can adapt n make myself comfort in this priceless life...
okey the thing that i would like to share with my bloggy for this chosen title is all about my upside down life..
i was close to my future so i can't let it go juz like that.. cannot ! i know i can do it.. for only 1 year i can go wif my matriculation's program..since rite now is my holiday for eid festival so i have time to study on my own but i need to be smart in planning to manage a time..
i have lots of work to do n many thing to think n figure for the solution out.. physics,chemistry,biology n also mathematics the subjects that need more concentration n serious thought on during the packing day homed i bring along all of my books that think may help me while i'm studying at home.. seem that i'm not really take a look at my books since i have busy with my social life.. this is the thing that worried me most.. still can't figure it out how to manage my time perfectly.. but i know i can do it..i have to raise up my graph of life ! let me take a nap for a while so i may dreamed for the solution.. *bajek mimpi okey that's all for this topic