Jul 29, 2012


there must be something behind all this..
i have know idea how to accept all this when everything that is given to me is about a lie.. is there is no true thing is this world,in this life..? *wondering*
i know i should never blame the faith,the things that is written for me in my whole life till my last breath..
i just can't even think about it..!
am i to bad to live in this world,to breath equally like the others..
i really have no idea which part did i miss until i have to get through a kind of toughest one..

i'm not that strong..
my strength had gone..
or maybe i had laugh so hard until i never realise that the laugh will gave me the most sad life in return..
i don't know !
i just can leave everything to Allah and try to live even i had fail in trying..
maybe the glory is not by today but the day when Allah think that i deserve to feel it..
if there is no one out there willing to do everything for me then i pray and willing to do everything to avoid from meeting people and approach them..
life is do hard ! 
If Allah wills it one day i will never drop even a tear for anything that happen in my life bcause i'm not strong enough to face all this right now..