Feb 3, 2011


this is the proof...
check it out !

seperti yg kelihatan disebelah beginilah kisah hidup sekelompok pelatih PLKN.. agak seronok ! huhh,ikot time lah ade mse PLKN nk kne maki ade mse nk dipuji tp ble nk balik tak sampai hati.. setelah menjalani barulah mengerti.. *ayat x sabit

happy really very belated "DEEPAVALI"

can only show a photo..
the story has been half-erase in my mind..


indian muslim at the middle..
actually this moment happen a long time ago before i sit for very important examination called SPM..

mengade nk post..
biar arh nieh blog persendirian tiada larangan.. !

there is it.......,

*from your left : hendrick,(who's that ?),toon

F is stand for.......

that's what i've been thinking for a long time..
my first thought when people asked me is F.R.I.E.N.D.
then,after what i'd been through is friends cannot be trust at all..
they all only be with us when problems are not together..

this is the truth...!

. . . .actually F is for

what is that noise..?


happy chinese new year..
can't hang out till nite due to the rain..
it has been raining all nite,the condition slowly become cold..
nothing to be done unless write a journal of a day..facebooking with a twins biscuit wafer named cloud 9 as a company..idea had flown away from this spongy brain up,up away to the sky..

cannot think briefly how to arrange a word to make it such a great sentences..


haa,let me tell you a story about the noise that i heard just now..

boom ! boom ! POW !
that noise is came from the sky and my first thought is...
is that a thunder..?
then i decided to take a look out off the window and i saw a beautiful and colourful light..it's look just like a wonderful flower that release a pollen grain to the air...*x sabit


it's been a long time that i haven't seen such that beautiful light since i'm gone to PLKN..that light named F.I.R.E.W.O.R.K.

so,take a look at the photo..

*yeah babeh,that's my photo !
nothing to be done then i do such this stupid work..snap my own photo..