Dec 27, 2013

mid sem break`

hello Friday !
lets shout from Kuantan. I already here, I mean my hometown. Actually I'd been here last friday,wait ! last,last Friday. Two weeks ago and I got only 9 days left to spend here, I really need to use time wisely so that I regret nothing when I going back to Penang. ouh I forgot last two days was Christmas Day ! I bet still not too late to wish all of you Merry Christmas. no more Santa Claus. I'm not celebrate it anyway and I don't believe in Santa Claus anddd I suppose to read my anatomy book right now but I just finished with my research review so I take a break for a while.

Here I want to introduce something new and think it kinda healthy thing.
Apple Cider Vinegar. 15 reasons why you need to think it twice when you saw this thing on rack of vinegars at supermarket.

1. Apple cider vinegar can detoxify your home.
2. It can make your hair shine.
3. Natural apple cider vinegar regulates the pH of your skin.
4. It can remove stains from teeth.
5. It can soothe sunburnt skin.
6. Apple cider vinegar can be used as a natural aftershave.
7. It's an all-natural massage treatment.
8. Apple cider vinegar can aid in weight loss.
9. Apple cider vinegar will balance your entire inner body system.
10. It can help you detox.
11. ACV is great for your lymphatic system.
12. It can help your body get rid of candida.
13. ACV can help you reduce heartburn.
14. The use of apple cider vinegar is effective in repelling fleas on your pets.
15. It's an all-natural room freshener.
I'd read a few about thing thing and I think it kinda miracles fluid. Contain thousand magic for our health benefit and also gave a good taste for mum's cooking. Have a good try everybody !

Dec 11, 2013

who said ?

1st.December.2013 was the date that most of the guests are waiting for.
"A Night To Remember" ! anddd it is true as now I still able to recall every moment that I've experience during the event..

when the sun meet the west the day slowly becoming dark and I listened to the pop music on our way to the Trader's hotel located at the Penang island.It tooks about 45 minutes to reach our destination,the traffic moving slows on the Penang bridge towards the island and we stucked for almost 20 minutes.As we expected Sunday evening using the road to the island never be the great idea.Around 7.25 pm we reached at the 1st Avenue mall just beside the hotel,since there's no nearest car park to rest our car after almost hour travelled with us,we decided to explore the mall's car park.Then,we walked from the mall to the hotel.I walked in the white gown and he was wearing a suit.People gave us a quirky look as we walked in the mall looking for the main gate that could bought us to the front door of the hotel.The ball room located at the third floor in the sophisticated hotel.The registration table just in front of the entrance door to the ball room where we need to register and took our boarding past in order to past through the door and experienced the event.Since we are already late we need to walk in the dark to get to our table as the event had started 20 minutes ago. Table 9 was the middle table at the very left side of the ballroom and still,there are four of us who haven't there yet to complete the 10 people in our table.As we sat they already served the second menu and we had missed the first one which is the appetizer.

the third performance started and all of the guests were entertained with the good voice of a guy who sang us the songs of love,the ballroom become quiet at the moment as everyone was amazed with his voice.The lights are turned off when the menu were changed.We laughed at silly jokes,we took photos and we enjoyed every bites we had.The emcees announced the "Best Students Awards" for each batch,"Luckiest Girl and Guy" and "Nominees of Best Dress and Suit"..

They called for Shafirah Rosli name and I suddenly got thousands of butterflies in my stomach as I need to stand up and walk to the stage and stand on bit high level floor from the other 290 people in that room.Three nominees for best dress and three nominees for best suit.I almost crowned as best dress but there still got one princess who deserved that.Flashlights are everywhere and every eyes staring at you as you stand on that wooden stage.

The president of our university had complete the event with karaoke session and the students are free to dance on the dance floor right in front of the wooden stage.I dance in white gown and wearing a black boot with 3 inches heel.The formal event had turn wild when most of the guests hit the dance floor.Now,its time to consumed all the battery power for each gadget to keep the memories as our brain cannot kept most of the moment.

Nov 25, 2013

Chaos for a week !

I can't even catch for my breath.. The whole week had consumed my energy and let's start with Monday 18th.november.2013.. Class start at 8 o'clock in the morning which the day before I was hoping Monday to suicide so that I can start the week on Tuesday but still the first day in week.. The point here is no matter how hard we've tried to push Monday away nothing gonna change the nature that it should came first in each week(just if you know what I meant!).. Monday's evening was the most scariest part,problem based learning(PBL) session that had been facilitated by Dr.Pramanik,well-known doctor who got lots and lots of questions to ask and doubted each sentence that you presented.. No matter how interesting your notes are,no matter how much colour you've wasted to print out the notes he really doesn't care if you didn't know how to explain..
Since we already in third semester he expect us to know and memorized all the basics for each topics.. Sounds crazy haa.. Yes ! It is ! When it comes to Tuesday mini test is waiting and all I need to do is sat on the grey color chair and answer all the questions as usual even though you don't know the correct answer as long as you've filled the blank pages it considered as correct. Then practical session for two hours learned on how to calculate the percentage of people who are smoke but not developing a lung cancer and the difference with those who didn't smoke and developed a lung cancer.. O.o
Third days of the week..,
New PBL session early in the morning with new unfamiliar lecturer from Insaniah College that exposed us with the new ways to discuss the learning issues which I found it fun,quite fun where we does not need to prepare any slides to present or even notes to print.. All we need to do is read all the learning issues and discuss it during the next PBL session(second session ! )..
Thursday came next after Wednesday and I haven't fully prepared for my poster presentation and plus it was my birthday 21.november.2013.. Yeahh,surprise party on my birthday I was over thinking about that as I don't really like the tradition of getting shower with eggs,flour,curry powder or whatever.. L.O.L. Ohmyy ! I supposed to tell it in the next entry..
Get back to our hectic week..
Then here comes Friday !
The International Stem Cell Seminar 2013 !
As one of the committee on that day I proudly said I was looking so good.! Wow ! Wearing a formal outfit with blazer and a tag written as organiser.. Unfortunately,I have to be a poster presenter for my group which is not good at all because I need to control the seminar and practicing on how to present for my topic both in one time.. Got too many things to share but short time to describe the moment.. Photos tell us much about the moments than words did..

Nov 23, 2013

She's amazing !

Hello Saturday !
My beautiful sister on her graduation day.. OMG ! OMG ! OMG !
She made it and I am very proud of her.. She's wine up with her "diploma" under University Teknologi Mara (UiTM) in food technology.. First of all,congratulation along and I am really sorry I cannot be there to share the golden moment with you.. I suppose to be there as I promised but I got test on that day,seriously I was thinking about you on that day because I felt the moment during mum's convocation.. It would be great if all of our family members were there during our big day,I mean your big day for now..
You know why I was so proud to have you..,
1) you're beautiful and that's what I see in you even though you always said that 'God I need something to whiten my skin','God this outfit was terrible'..! God you don't need those my dear sister because you are pretty from the inside and that's make you look much more prettier outside.
2) crazy mind and thought,hey from where you got those ! Lol.. No over thinking and just flew with the wind that makes me feel comfortable when I was around you. I could laugh without limit,I could turn upside down and I feel more alive..
3) bad driving skill,yes ! You are bad in driving ! You know that right because when you drive me I always said heyy,heyy watch that car. Holy shit,you almost hit the BMW (kidding!) but at least you are good in parking,that's matter..
4) going to bed early. Ohmyy ! You got no night life or what ?! You got the same habit with mum.. When it comes to 9 o'clock at night you always yawning and fall asleep unless your boyfriend was around just then you can stay up for the whole night as usual haaa..

These are the reason why I love you to the moon and back.. Wait I don't think to the moon is far enough okay I changed that.. I love you to Pluto and back and Pluto and back.. Can you count the distance now ? I love you that much Siti nurdhiyya binti Rosli !

Nov 16, 2013

mum's graduation day !

how come I forgot to write about this lovely and delightful moment..

Date : 5th October 2013
Venue : university malaysia pahang,UMP
Course : executive diploma in business administration

here come the picture on her big day !


B that should stand for B.U.S.Y !

it almost 12 midnight and the new day is about to start.. i woke up this morning realised that it is already November and actually in the middle of November.. i haven't wrote anything since last two months and my writing skill also quite bad,i guess.! it was like from summer to winter and since Malaysia not one of the country then forget about the snowman and thick blanket all cause we only in the monsoon season.. just don't forget to bring your umbrella dude..
Let's travel along with me..!
November is all about raining but you still can see the sun during the day for certain day just if you are lucky(just if you know what i mean.)
the night sky that used to fill with billion stars seems so dark as the cloud mask the beauty of it.. The moonlight seems dull as moon always depend on star to shine just like the shore depend on waves to complete the beauty of the beach. That's how monsoon diminished the mood of those who truly depends on nature but I didn't say the night sky without stars is kind of soul-destroying..
get back to our story of "Hectic-Month-Of-The-Year"..
in one year got twelve months and in one month got thirty-one days and in one day got twenty-four hours and thats how we count our life and the main question here do we appreciate every hour we spend daily ? not everyone get through such a trouble-free life because it depends on how we muddle along..
studying medicine is the best decision I've ever made and now I am facing the big challenge in my life which is surviving and adapting the environment where most of people here put their 100% efforts to be the best among the best.. I step on the pavement in the garden of roses where the milk fountain was just beyond a huge stone arch and all I need to do is keep on walking even though the snake's venom flow in my bloodstream,the roses torn penetrate my skin and even get stung by bees.
As we know not all the things going to be fine in the end but we can change the plot by changing the sentence.. That shows the power of action.! We need courage in order to make it happen..
Courage had brings me to this far,no one deserve the praise except Allah Almighty.. Remember no matter how hard we try if we never turn and ask from Allah there's no thing work.
To make the story become more amusing let's talk about how can I survive till now..
November 2013,
officially me Siti Nurul Shafirah binti Rosli was already in the third semester and second year in medicine.. Even there are 6 more years to get the license, I feel indebted.. Alhamdulillah.

Jul 20, 2013

quite fast for fasting

since this is my first entry for Ramadhan so i need to make thing sound simple..
i can't believe that i have to get through the fasting month away from home. Can't barely thinking how and why is it happening.. I mean yeaa i still 19 and yet need to live on my own or "independent" ways. 
I still couldn't adapt with the environment,with the people around but it doesn't mean i need to complaint for every single minute. 

maybe I really need to learn,learn on how to make things better and interesting instead of standing and staring..
I believe I can do this..!
I've got choices but then i chose to be here for reasons and why didn't I live in it ?

too many complaint..! 

i have to stop complaining ! I had read one fact said that "to compare those who complaint more tend not to have a high level of stress rather than those who didn't". and now i don't think its a fact,I think its a myth some sort of invalid studied. 

maybe i need to change,change the way i think,the way i act and the way i tried but it doesn't means that I'm going to change myself.. NO ! I just fine with me and i please myself first in everything before everyone does and before i please people. already second semester and got another 8 more semester to go. I need to be strong enough to walk on the street,to climb up the stairs because life need me to explore,it needs me to stand for it instead of giving up.

Jul 7, 2013

first step

here comes the Sunday !
the day that i should spend enjoying my frappuccino instead of staying home and doing the assignment but yet i "enjoy" doing it with no reason actually. 
yeah last night i slept at 4 and woke up at 11 just for assignment.
it was an assignment at first but after more than three hours i spend to decorate it, I dont really think it was just an assignment. artistic works !

making the "POSTER" for nutrition and metabolism's seminar that i need to submit it by tomorrow.
i started to find for the point at 12 and just now 5.30 pm it officially done and complete.! 

this is the result and thanks to posterwall ! i need a short break like nowww ! gtg

Jul 5, 2013

last expectation and first destination

Friday for the first week of July.
everything goes right for this while but not expecting something bad to happen just thankful that there's no awful thing come around. 
Feels very tired because of mini test and End-Of-Module examination in the same week with just two days gap in between it. I "need" like "HAVE TO" chill on as I already forced my spongy to absorb and think but gave no enough rest during night. I'm sorry ! 
maybe in the future it will understand what is the main point of treating it this way..

since it is Friday lets say thanks : Allah for the sustenance Allah for giving me a chance to live again
3. to Allah for gave me perfect air to breath in
4. to Allah for taking a good care of me
5. to Allah for borrowed me my parents
6. to Allah cause I live as Muslim Allah for ease everything

most blessing day of the week goes to Friday where there's no other days felt the same like Friday. 

Jun 30, 2013

just stop it !

today was the last day of June and it goes wrong to me like insane one.
or maybe its a sign that July gonna be as crunchy as cocoCrunch,in sya Allah but yet still feel bad about today.. hello people ! it is Sun-day ! and it is weekend ! why must you gave me a damn !
before i proceed to the next movie i think it is more proper if i start with 00.00 am.

00.00 am : fall asleep like seriously ?! how come i've drank two cup of coffee about 12 hours before and it taste like s**t. too much coffee !
01.15 am : woke up and immediately stand on my feet. OMJAYYY ! its already 1 in the morning.
01.35 am : took a shower and its freaking cold,I'm freezing
02.45 am : switch on my laptop and continue with my study as its already Sunday,tomorrow got mini test for addition.
04.35 am : poouufff~ black out. WTF ! I'm all alone in the living room at this time. Call my housemate who already slept in the room as i can't even move my ass,then again i do the technician work,dealing with fucking fuse box.
04.56 am : alone again and took all of my stuff and continue in my room.
09.24 am : suddenly fall asleep as my head were spinning around and all i remember the last word that i read in the blue covered book of Biochemistry before i black out was 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3.
13.21 pm : woke up and survive before i took a shower.
15.35 pm : finished with my shower and ready to hunt for food

the real drama started....,

walk down the stair.
walk out from this place,

there's no food at the first destination and i was asking
"still want to look for food ?"
she replied, "ikot lah"
me was like what the hell man ! just now you were like okay lets go find a food then you were saying "ikot lah",
suddenly she said "there's got one restaurant front there and i want to go"
me : " hey fuck off ! you asked me to go with you thought we want to eat along but then you were like better i eat alone"
this is so fucking stupid ! 
then find for something else to eat and drink at the grocery shop. paid ! Walk to the "restaurant" that she said just now and it closed. since i talking to the phone then i walk first but then she walk faster and left me behind even when i've yelled for her name yet she ignored me like she didn't hear anything. I don't even know that she was deaf.

its already second semester and i know you very well my dear. I never tell anyone about you but you tell everybody about what cross in your mind about me and others.

go ask your own self before you judge others. Even our 'sister' also said the same things and yet you ignored her words and be the same you. If you don't want to listen to others word then don't asked for others opinion. soo IRRITATING ! 
**end of story for 30th june 2013. 

Jun 29, 2013

save your life with LOVE

a day left !

this is who i am now ! as June about to come to it end me is trying to change and hoping for July to be nice and better month for me,in sya Allah. 

Jun 20, 2013

fade away

Hello Thursday !
Did i ever realised that its already June. Can't remember when was the last time i post my entry but i miss it like a lot.
List-Of-Reasons-Why :
1.its 2013
2.already second semester test every week
4.need to draw lots of body's cells
5.submit assignments
6.attending the lectures
7.visiting the cadavers
8.clean up the mess
9.take a showers

those reasons are actually excuses why i had turn into inactive from hyperactive blogger. I need my spirit right back again,spirit where i care only for my books and those knowledge but yet still know how to approach people around me and be extra-friendly person. I'm still 19 and still got "teen" in my age so its not the time yet for me to move to the next level or phase in my life but i noticed the changes ! my life is different ! kind of bad different. Who said different is good ? its not my fortunate perhaps.
here i noticed people make friends for important. I noticed the environment was fake. I noticed when they smile for reasons. Maybe i shouldn't think much about it and get back to the purpose why i was here and why i chose here rather than UMT or USM. Medicine ! studying medicine for saving people's life. studying medicine because it was the only person i want to see when i grow up. Allah had ease the paths so i could be one of the medical student and alhamdulillah for the sustenance,for sure i won't let go of it. 

Now I facing the difficulty in surviving but then I was thinking its already second semester and I was really close to the end,all I have to do is stand still and be strong. Today I woke up because i had made it,made it to survive for yesterday. Today I still could stand on my own feet why not tomorrow and next. Allah had well planned. He knows what is the best for me ! He want me to learn how to differentiate between crystal and glass so that we wont kept the wrong thing where both are values but which one is the best depends on our experienced in choosing.

That's what i've learned throughout a year of being here since this is my very first time I stayed far away from home,like 100 miles away.! This is the story of how me as a survival struggling to survive but its not the reason why i chose "FADE AWAY" title. 

the title more to values that people thought they know how to handle it nicely but actually they failed. 


do they really know how to make it interesting ? do they really know what is the purpose of having this
 -ships at the end of "friend"? do they ? here i haven't see any ! maybe I only observe a few or what i'd experienced by myself. Honestly they don't and it way different goes to my life before where my friends know the value of friendships. On the first day I was here I be a normal me. The girl who say Hi to everybody without feeling shame and yet they were like what the hell and they were like "excuse me ! we're in college not high school." Then I was thinking maybe being friendly is kind of crime here so to avoid me from been caught better be "weird". Weird here means not normal,not doing the normal things. 
the question now 'where does the values gone ?' Are they left it home and forgot to bring it back here once they're coming home ? still got no answer for that ! 

May 8, 2013


"an apple a day could keep the doctors away !"
too many doctors in making but it depends on us either we want it better way or otherwise.
we choose our path and we make the difference,that's a reason why we need to learn how to survive without totally depends on surrounding,make environment easy to adapt instead.

as a medical student we need to learn more,more and more or in short infinity knowledge. In every new things that we've learn we'll know other new things and another lesson.
actually it is same goes to other courses,depends on how people describe their mind to learn those things. Since,I've enter the medical school it was something different with others where we sacrificed most of our time to spent on study and research. "good doctors-in-making are those who knows most of their books"
this quotes refers to those who always open any books for reference thus they will gain lots of information and new knowledge compared to those who usually depends on Mr.Google. For me Mr.Google not always right it just some kind of "thing" that easy to connect,that's all.

In brief,medical students do need books to live or else you might diagnose patient with wrong diseases,that is the most terrible part as a doctor in future, *just saying

 we doctors in making are fight every single second in our life for saving as many life as we could in the future. Pray for us !

Apr 14, 2013

Take it as it was

It is pathetic..!
Things are get worsen and all I can do is sit and watch instead of speak and "burst". Maybe you think I'm doing nothing to fix it. Actually I choose to stay away rather than be close and approach.
I need space,I need time and I need strength where I didn't get before..
About 7 month and almost a year we stay together but you never realise how worse I am staying here.
Maybe It's already written that we are going to stay together for more than year but if you don't even realise how bad you make me feel for what reason things should be fixed.

You never know how does it feels when you bad mouthing me until people tend to fight with me just because of the guy that you like. You never know how does it feel when you've done that and I still accept you to be around me and help you in everything where none could be there when you in need but you still doing the same thing,in short repeating the simple mistake until I feel like you have no more interest to be my friend..

I don't know why but I want you to know people are talking about you to me,I choose to say 'NO..! You don't know her..!' Instead of expose who you are.. Maybe I say this because I kept many things inside or maybe I'd got intention to tell everybody about it but I refuse,I refuse to betray my own friend where I could make things better even small thing.. It's okay,I'll be fine with it..
::final decision : I will backing you up even though you think I'm going to tell everyone about what happened between us.. 

Mar 31, 2013

Never change

Things are still the same,nothing change and I'm very sure it won't change till I'm out from here. That's the only way but there's only one thing I won't it to happen. My mum know about this. She was 100 miles from here and I got less chance to be home. Everytime my mum called I'll said that everything was fine but deep inside I was like "mum I wish you were here all the time please be with me". 
I can't,I can't and I can't say that cause I want she know that her daughter was strong enough to deal with life far from home. Before I still can be at home every weekend but now I can't cause it just wasting my time.
Honestly,I hate my life here and I admit I was pretending that I'm enjoy it all the way but the truth is I'm so not.!i don't know which part did i missed until I'd be in this kind of situation. Just if I could run as far as I could cause I cannot accept anyone here anymore. Everyday I cried and prayed so things will getting better but seems I need more strength to stand another day till 5 years..
People here didn't know what does the friends mean to them. I found its hard to find for even a friend that really could stick with us.. Everyday also I said to my mum that I need car so I'm not depending on others car. In sya Allah I will got it soon. Now all I need to do is stay strong and leave it to Allah cause He got better plan for me..

Mar 29, 2013

lil'shafi got advices.

welcome back #shafirahrosli..!
i have only ten fingers but now seems like i cant use it to count how many month i haven't walk on this land of "GREAT AND POWERFUL".
countless for an active little blogger in the big blog world.
*applying lotion*
my fingers are ready to dance again on the kitchen of words that most of people called it keyboard.
hold your tumbler and ready to face all the words that coming up next.

*pressing the space bar*
slowly dancing,deeply taking breath and hardly push the brain to create new recipe on how to make words become sentences and story in one.let everything go and keep my finger healthy..
its sounds so inappropriate but that's the fact.
before i continue my journey to the top of the hill let me introduce most of the creatures around that never been introduce before.
Penang..! yup i did mention before that this kind of state is where i stayed now and 5 years more. Attending the lecture,joining the practical class and presenting in the small group discussion were part of my journey and things that i couldn't skip in everyday routine so that's why i would like to say that i love this kind of life.. means by busy life because its like i've got something to do instead of spending time with sleep and lay on the bed. sound boring if its really happened haa..
just so you know this feeling had taking control of me until i'd consumed all the energy that i should save for the next day. Excuse Me..! too many words here.. (high pitch...)

now the story begin..,
end of first semester break is just in a few days..(happened about month ago.!)
finally i can meet my house after been 2 month i stayed penang.
firt person i met once i step on the tar-made road on the Kuantan's land is my mom. Honestly i miss her soo much on that time and glad could meet her.. no touching story allowed.!
then i spent most of my time being home and exploring my house every single day as i know i have to leave it soon. and now i have to face Penang..!

since i always meet my mother i tell her most of the things that i experienced here..
first sentences that she said is :
"as long as we live be nice to everybody equally without asking and expecting for any reward from doing that"
what if we stayed 6 people in the house but we the one who always do all the housework.
second advice :
"anywhere we go keep that place clean even no one care of doing so"
mother your daughter will spend more than an hour when she taking a shower so she dont like using dirty toilet thus she will clean up the bathroom everyday even there're another two more used it and do not know how does the clean toilet looks like.
third advice :
"when you brush up the toilet floor it is considered as exercise so do it and never complain"
but then the electricity is very poor,most of the time it will switch off and black out so one of us need to turn it on at the fuse box,mom the reason we stayed 100 miles from home is to be a doctor not a technician.
fourth advice :
"my daughter Allah promised that every pain you've been through in your life will gave you a big reward hereafter or maybe soon or later so accept it with open heart and never stop praying"

finally i just surrender in complaining and continued watching the television with all the advises playing in my mind until now. once i reached here,Penang i continued doing it but most of time i still complained but not to those who around me but to my journal instead. *sigh*
that's how my second semester brought to me. challenging but taught me to stop complaining.
 there is always a light at the end of the tunnel

Jan 13, 2013

white for hi-tech

new year had comes and new thing had arrived.
telling a short story about my "bucky"..!
i was dreaming to have 'him' about month ago and finally my dream came true.
Thank You Allah for the sustenance..
now i introduce you to my mini "bucky"..

the reason i choose pink casing cause boy in pink was cute and 'he' looks cute in pink. *wink wink*

Jan 1, 2013


we've changed every single day even it has been added another one number to the numbers in the year (2012+0001=2013) but still didn't realised the changes. people were very busy thinking about their own life where most of them were like walking without looking,eating without talking,sleeping without dreaming.. world was the main idea in every thought. influence from the words "Live life to the fullest" perhaps or "things to do before i die".. arghh ! whatever ! i should start telling the story rather than crapping of how to clear people minds from that kind of thought. no-sense at all !

Let's feel the moment...,
31st december 2012 was my last day watching the big flat screen,staring at the books in my own cube,laying on the comfort couch with remote in my hand and eat lots of food with no charge. heaven haa ! that's why until now people put their trust on this quotes "Home sweet home" because its the fact that no one cant denied.. we able to taste,feel and smell all the sweetness once we're reached home. yeahh no place like home. should i compliment more.? i think that's enough since today i'm going back to Penang.. well everyone wish the college that they enter now was just beyond their yard and yeaa me ? also got the same thought. let me tell you one secret,sometimes we need to travel and stay so that the world knows our existence. we'll learn just a bit if every single day doin the same routines,at the same place,same time until the year end. world need to explore,time need to consume,body need to move so that everything will worth it like thousand ants that never stop working.. is it same.? i dont think my grandma care,huh.! 
back to our story., to make the journey sounds interesting....,
tup,tap,tup,tap was the noise of the black boot that hit the floor of the main mall in Kuantan around 5 o'clock in the evening.. the glass door automatically slides to open once i step on the big black carpet right in front of the door. main reason why i prefer to waste my time that i suppose to spend on reading was "outfit". i need something new to wear for college so thought that this mall got everything then puufff i found lots of thing but i didn't buy it all since i need to save my money for future. good plan,my mum will proud if she found out that her daughter knows how to save money.. *big smile*
Rest In Peace 2012..

HELLO New Year.!
the story begin when its almost 12 midnite where three of us met and decided to join the community to celebrate new year at the place named Teluk Cempedak since the rain had stop pouring so we could stay outside under the open sky. as we know this kind of event makes half of Kuantanese stay up all night just to watch how people amused their self at first but then most of them change their mind and gone wild. in just 30 minutes the place had been filled up with crowds. squeaky noise of the plastic trumpet been blow,the white foam that appears when the sprayer been pressed. common things during new year celebration. used to it. -..- people get out of control and chasing each other like damnn..! huhh,feel the tired of running by telling all this.. now need rest since i haven't sleep yet. *faint*